Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm so upset about my supposedly job in MBS.
Fark the government.
Fark the rules and regulations.
Fark the law.

What's the farking 6 months different.
Those born before June 1988, wow God blessed them.
Us? Sorry better luck next time.

School-fark them too.
Why tell us- oh u are good, really u are. Jut work hard.. Practice more... With your ability u could easily secure a job in MBS. Don't worry. As long as you send in your application, you can get a job easily. There xx thousands of job in gaming. Fret not.

Fret not??! WTF .. Well good. Then tell me how Alan could get me into MBS now.
Thanks man.
After putting all the money, the effort, the time, the hard work.. The wadever.

Now all I get is : " thank you for applying, maybe you could try again next time, so you'll prolly be the 2nd 3rd 4th 5th batch but definately not the first "

That's really more than what I need at this time.
How disappointing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Somehow somewhere

Had Brazilian Churrascaria ytd night..
A treat from ricky ..
Had a hearty meal but disappointed Francis couldn't join us..
That taste of meat still lingers in my taste buds this morning when I woke up..

That's the second time I had meat buffet..
It's costly. But I'll still anticipate for it the next time round..

And went for soccer match with that black ...
Idiot .. Keep disturbing me with his "stick" ..

Oh yea. I was talking about the match ytd.
Fulham vs Man U lor. Damn. 2-0
Man U no seh this time.
Lose the game and drop to 9 men.. Like Wtf lor...
But was happy that spurs won the game with chelsea..

Now going to CHIJMES to catch the Liverpool match with mistress and teddy...

Liverpool Liverpool Liverpool ....go go go !!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tmr .. is .. hmm ... still so undecided ..

well.. but anyways.

I wana watch the match tmr..
Spurs vs Chealsea.
And sunday .. there's Liverpool vs Aston Villa !

I want to catch the match ! ...
KuuuuuuuuuuMarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...!!!!
hehe ...

i wan churras tmr too..
Anticipating lor .. but hmm ... mistress is down with flu ..
I hopes she gets well soon..

so she wun feel so feverish / sickly..
and i wan churrass .. hahaha

I'm gonna meet mistress later for BKT ! .. and my marmie is coming along too..

NEWS: my SIL is expecting one in her tummy... and theres heartbeat alr..

It's so fascinating ! i mean like .. there's heartbeat so fast..
I told teddy about it.. but he says it'll have heartbeat in a few days to weeks time.
just tt we can hear it only when the beating is stronger ..
like so miracle-ly there another heartbeat in the tummy..
think already also feel happy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My some other Excessive Happyness post

I'm excessively happy up till now.
Thou there are some words in between that kinda cuts me.
But well, I guess I've choose to ignore it.

As I've always said.. Ignorance is bliss.
Isn't it?

Anyways.. I've been meeting him for the past few days after the exzi.
Had fun. Had suanning.

Went for free movies too.
All thanks to Ricky's free movie vouchers.
# Think the other pair was from IT show too.

But due to some unwanted situation.
I had to leave in the middle of the show.
# sadded.
But he says it's ok. Cuz we've got another pair of tix.

# I fell in love with APPLE JUICE from all the AL-smthg stall. ESP old HQ !! The use red apples ! I wans a fruit juice machine as pressie !
Ate briyani last night.
But had cravings for mee sua instead lor.
Damn ..
But it's ok. Cuz I've got my fruit juice.

Actually ah. I know he got work to do la.
I dun wana disturb.
Just wana accompany him while he work.
But instead ... Hmm he left his work aside and watch movie with me.

Oops was it TMI? hmm

Enuff for the week.
I better not see him till saturday.
Well hopefully Saturday larrrrr..
And hope it's tt place larrrr..

Both me n mistress are anticipating for it.
we've been planning on what to wear liao.

P.S. I'm gonna take millions of photo !!
P.P.S. I know I've not been uploading photos and I know I've got loads to post about !!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have so much so much photos to upload !
So many till I think it'll take millions of years to finish uploading.

Anyways, as you guys know that the IT show has ended ...
I'm like kinda concussed for the whole of day time.
And wakes up in the night.
Keep feeling hungry at night .. haiyo ..

Got shocks 3 times today.
What wrong with these pple manz .. lols

went out yesterday with ben to AMK hub ..
and head off to his place to charge my phone a lil ..
online a lil .. and met with bear at macs for a while.
Bear boo-ed us and i got the first scare of the day.

After that met up with teddy at MHK place.
the pai gu there very nice lor.
When he came over, i was playing wurdle on my phone.
and out of a sudden, he made a comment.
thats my second scare.
like he appeared out of no where. no footsteps even.

After MHK,
then went over to Kumar's plaza..
wait for Li Qi uncle to come over for a drink.

When LiQi came into his office.
I got the 3rd scare.

So .. haiyo .. dunno wads wrong manz ..

den .. after a drink .. we went back to watch manga on his lappy..
Ten ma is so ke ai .. wahha
keep craving for watching manga recently ..
lols .. laff until i stomach ache lor .. lols

happie ahh ..
rot for a while and went home after that ...


Excessively happy: Now that i learn to not take things too hard.

I know some things that nobody knows that I know about it.
I'll keep mum.. and this is a lil secret that will never be revealed.

Monday, March 16, 2009

IT Show

Finally, IT show has ended with rainbow..
I'm sure we had good results in these 4 days ...
I'm still at the booth now.
Waiting for them to move the stuffs onto the car..

All of them are so tired.
But I guess, this time round, all of us had a good experience in IT fairs.

Saturday are packed with people.
Look as if half population are in Suntec ..

Cant even step out of the booth..
The traffic is terrible.

Sunday: not so much pple .. but sales is good i think ..

Kumar is on fire.
Fine, i'l say it now.
To kumar: You are the best of the bestiest ..
Happy alr?
Bears can't be trusted .. but you are my teddy ..
wahahha ...

anyways ... we sold a few meow meow .. so happy ....

P.S. will have more updates on the stuffs !!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009










Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ignorance is bliss.

I prolly should start blogging in some codes.
Tsk. Someone has been doing online translation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I was told to not see things in a simple way.
I was told to be responsible.

If things could be simple......

Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny .. Read on


[23:41] mummy^-^: i want go out with rich mam!
[23:41] Yunne: hmm..
[23:41] mummy^-^: man! *
[23:41] Yunne: hey mummy^-^

[23:41] BmW_kia: mummy^-^ live bt panjang?
[23:41] mummy^-^: ya

[23:41] mummy^-^: hi Yunne
[23:41] Bolui^XuE: then can see Bolui^kia
[23:41] mErc^kia: yea shanghai night life is better!00
[23:41] Yunne: mummy^-^, the problem is, they wouldn't want you.
[23:41] Bolui^XuE: hi Yunne
[23:41] Bolui^XuE: =)
[23:41] mummy^-^: hi Yunne
[23:41] mummy^-^: Yunne thanks alot =)
[23:42] Yunne: it's true though.
[23:42] Bolui^XuE: no ppl want me { me also .. sadded :(

[23:42] mummy^-^: and u would know bcos?
[23:42] mummy^-^: Yunne
[23:42] mummy^-^: u suan me say rich guys wouldn't want me because?
[23:42] BmW_kia: i remeber got once i go beijing, 3 person order 3 jing dumpling { wooo .. food
[23:42] mummy^-^: cos i don't dress like u issit? supper wear jeans and shirt and shoes and carry bag?
[23:43] BmW_kia: then got 3 mountain of dumpling come out { lols ..
[23:43] BmW_kia: whahahaa
[23:43] elephant: boring
[23:43] elephant: zzzzzzzzzz
[23:43] elephant: zzzzzzzz
[23:43] elephant: zzzzzzz { some pple see liao also wana sleep..zzz
[23:43] mummy^-^: gor. limbu tio suan by someone uglier then me -.- { lols
[23:43] mummy^-^: --"
[23:43] Yunne: the rich baches in singapore go for the models, the powerful career women, or the exotic women { absolutely true

[23:43] mErc^kia: rach: u saw yume b4?
[23:43] Zzz: hmm
[23:43] mummy^-^: mErc^kia yah
[23:43] mErc^kia: she ugly?
[23:43] mummy^-^: she wear jeans + shoes carry bag + shirt go for supper { so u guys rmb, cannot wear like these go supper
[23:43] BmW_kia: haha
[23:43] mummy^-^: her neh big. nothing else stands out. { personal attack lor

[23:43] Yunne: mummy^-^, uh so?
[23:44] mummy^-^: Yunne just because u don't have the looks nor figure to get rich guys

[23:44] mummy^-^: doesn't mean that rich guys don't go for me :)
[23:44] Yunne: lol
[23:44] mummy^-^: gor
[23:44] wombat09: wah catfight
[23:44] Bolui^kia: i looking at yunne n mummy war fight
[23:44] Yunne: best joke i said so far.
[23:44] mummy^-^: she suan me lehs { complain to "kor" again
[23:44] Bolui^XuE: i see
[23:44] Yunne: i suan all.
[23:44] *mErc^kia supports rach!!
[23:44] mummy^-^: not a joke. :) i can definitely say. i am much better looking then u are.
[23:44] mummy^-^: sadly. ;)
[23:44] mErc^kia: at least rach looks cute can! << can't comment.. nv see b4.. but i'm definately the cutest. wahahha
[23:44] +silly`gEr: ? << catch no ball la
[23:44] mummy^-^: rich guys might not swing ur way.
[23:44] Bolui^kia: two D cupper cat fight!!!!!

[23:45] mummy^-^: cry more, maybe one day they would. when the liquid flows out ur ass.
[23:45] Yunne: i don't discriminate, i suan everyone.
[23:45] Bolui^kia: hoot arrrrrrrr
[23:45] mummy^-^: gorgor.
[23:45] Bolui^XuE: haha
[23:45] *Bolui^XuE @@

[23:45] mummy^-^: no one want fight with her
[23:45] mummy^-^: she mouth smelly no brush teeth { how she know?? horr .. she stalk yunne ahh
[23:45] mummy^-^: can't help it

Friday, March 6, 2009

can anyone tell me why am i here for?
i'm simple.
just wants someone to care and love me.
i want to feel important too.
i dont want to be the invisible one.
always giving everything that i have.
i'm not sad. i just want to say how i feel

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Aching Everywhere

my legs are aching !!!!
my abs are aching ..
and i'm still going for fly wheels today !!
i think my leg is going to break sonner or later !!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sometimes i miss you a lil too much.
sometimes i just wants to fall asleep cuddling you.
sometimes i just wish i could.

_... .._ _ _. ___ .__ _.__ ___ .._ _. . ..._ . ._. _._. ._ ._. . _.. ._ _. _.__ __ ___ ._. .

Monday, March 2, 2009


I bum my sunday at home.
went out to have laksa with rach and qwerz.
feel so tired after dinner.
took a cab home and fell asleep in the cab.

but yet when i reach home,
i can't sleep.
what wrong with my body nowadays?

haaa ..
really feel like eating ice cream now .. i mean from jsut now i had tt craving ..
but too bad .. there's no delivery for ice cream ... sadded

ohh hell .. i hate to stay home.
how i wish i cant fly to east coast now !

i'm not emo.
just bored.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Do i sound happy?

Happy ahh ..
Movie last night ah.
Went chijmes . but to his disappointment,
Harry's wasn't showing the liverpool match.
So we settled down at Bobby's for dinner.
My first meal of the day ..
I had Fish and chip while he ordered Corden Bleu Chix ..
Chao ji sedap !!!!
Big big portion ahh !! must go back some other day ..
Went to my super duper uber glam glam Diamond Bar for drinks.
And there was only a few people.
Like machiam i book the whole place ..

Excessively happy