Friday, April 29, 2011

I ❤ Perfumes

And i didn't know Loewe's got perfume too ..

I'm so looking for this.. Please let me know if anyone see this anywhere.
It's limited edition thou. So I'm not sure where else i can find this.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I cannot believe I can't find any shop in Taiwan that has overseas shipping for my favorite 槓子頭.
Are you wondering what is it? Let me show you.

It's like bread but stone-hard and the taste is like plain bread. Nothing special, nothing interesting. This is one thing Singaporeans wouldn't eat, I bet. I never fail to ask anyone to buy for me when they are traveling from Taiwan to Singapore. This time when my mummy came back from TW. She bought lotsa stuff for me and "taxi uncle". I can has beef instant noodles with real beef bits inside.

photos will be up soon ...

Post to be updated.

Friday, April 22, 2011

200 billion years since i last blog. as you know i've been absolutely busy with clearing work and in-house movie and tons of stuff. Actually, no. I've been cheating blogger with twitter. I hate to write. I'd rather let photos speak for me, but there's been lack of photo taking since i never bring my camera out for hippo years.

ok, now i forgot the initial thought. I wanted to say something. something. oh my mum just came back from taiwan and she bought me my queen's magazine.

i need a shelf. My room is clutterd with lots of personal unsorted stuff i brought back from my workplace. Did i mention i tendered my resignation? yes i did, after tolerating and also being stagnant for some time. I need a change. Somewhere that people will start treating me right again. And it seems like many of my friends also tendered their resignation. Seems to be the quitting season eh.

And we saw Spizza deliver last night. Now i crave for pizza..

I'm ending this post abruptly so i can post something finally and go read my magazine ...

Friday, April 15, 2011

The un-cultured heartlanders trying to eat cultured-ly at the upmarket Holland V. neighbouhood.

We have Bukit timah man aka ASKM, Boonlay man aka Bird God, Jerrine aka bowlring Queen, Shawn and Kester

Eating prata and lamb chop.
Now .. let the Bukit Timah man show you the cultured way of eating prata...

And then we went to Harry's for a drink..

oh and btw, we wore shorts, berms, t-shirts and slippers to Holland V that night.