Sunday, August 29, 2010

How time flies.
it's already august and i've gotten my 4th paycheck.
comfirmation still pending for my boss is ever busy.
ever since i've started a full time job, drama visits me every once in a while.
like saving Daphne Jr. , bird attack, flooding, black out .. stuff like that...
to add on.. chocz have not been found.
planned to adopt another baby, whiskey.
hopes everything goes smoothly thou.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Missing Chocolate, 14 yrs old Border Terrier

My dog is missing since yesterday about 3pm at Tampines St 24 area.

If any kind souls found/seen my dog. Please call me at 93895077 / 92989254.

He responds to the name CHOCOLATE.
Has got little black spots on his back.
He just got shaven down, thus looks clean and neat.
Chocolate is already 14 yrs old and he needs his medication, please please bring him home.

Don't let him wonder around outside. He needs us. and we need him.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just some time back, i couldn't exactly remember what was going on that day.
But i think we were taking our lessons or at least something like that.
anyways. we were at this burger bar along Upper Thomson Road.

I was having major burger cravings that day, thus ended up there.

so artsy fartsy right ~

i can't remember what his order was .. anyway .. this is it ...

Clamchowder.. with croutons .. me likey croutons~
i ate the Fat Basterd. super filling lar ~
it may look like an ordinary petit lil burger ...

Definitely going back there again ~