Sunday, August 31, 2008

Last day of the month.
I'll be a new day tomorrow.

I've never liked the new start of the month.

went for mooncake making workshop with xiao wei today.
realised that - snowskin mooncake, the skin no need to bake wor.
just have to get the dough mixture correct.
hopefully this autume festival me n wei can make our own mooncakes.
I'm so not in the mood today.
My mood got so greatly affected ..
I am silly, am i?

Bought a new book on friday.

Must remember to bring along my book for Bear tmr.
Expect to meet up with Ben and Bear tmr for some tanning and swimming at Aranda tmr.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friggin cold these few days. And i'm suffering from bad appetite.
Think i'm getting sick soon.
Must find witch for antidote soon.
Got loads of photos to up load !! but have to resize all of them.
Before i post them on.

My weekend life.


It's a uberly happy day for me!
Happily wake up at 8.30am.
Rot abit. Slack abit.
Get dressed up, went to the salon.
Finish my hair about 3pm.
Grab a bite and head down to Comcentre.
Where i'll be getting my supposely beloved phone.

Start queueing.
when i only say the 1st part of the queue,
i was thinking.
" hey tts not much people. I'll be getting the phone soon.. in abt half hr" i assumed.


when i start entering the 2nd part of the Queue,
it's is hell..
Damn ..
I think 2 million people queued up.
Waited and waited.
Was hot and stuffy. Like sardine cans.
Guessed it's before raining.
ok, it was before rain.
waited patiently for about an hour in the 2nd queue.
And all i could do was to stare blankly at somewhere.
Cuz i finish reading my book while doing my hair.
And.... Tah dah.
Message time.
Bullshit with my bitches.

Time passed.
When entering the 3rd queue,
I start to feel cold le.
Cause, it's starting to rain cats and dogs.
In addition to the freeze, there's a big big fan blowing all the cold wind lor

Shouldn't they be putting the fan at the stuffy area?
Waited for another hour in the 3rd queue.
Was hot and stuffy to friggin cold !
And finally.
I got this damn phone.

Really really is excited. But after i start figuring how it works.
It's like DAMN. Why did i ever get this phone?
HOW to freaking use it??
i got so much question on how to use it...
No copy of instruction manual also !!
have to search online yourself.

i still need a Iphone expert.

Ahh .. How to start using the mobile broadband thingy huh?
Eh ..
i think i need a Iphone tutor !

Pls register. @ Ty.

OK . Enuff...

Met my mum @ centrepoint. Went makan @ Crystal Jade korean crusine.
Head home after tt.
Bathe, Change and rush down to Sheena's chalet @ SAF Seaview Resort.
Got alot to bullshit with my gf. but slept early the first night.
About 2 am ++


Wake up at noon and start to talk in bed also.
After wash up,
CAM-Whore time.
We get to see the seaview from the bedroom.
It's chio. We talk about how we wish that is our home.
Dream about the future and all.
Makan ..Rot abit .. Slack abit..
And head home.

Went back to chalet in the night.


Slept only in the morning about 6am.
Woke up in the noon also .. Rot awhile and went home.

Prep and went off to meet my babies.
Long's birthday is tmr.
So we celebrated for him today.
With a simple meal @ Marina Sq.

Went home after meal.

So here i am blogging right after i reach home.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My precious, My rantings

This is the feeling i'm getting now !
i'm so Excited over Iphone !
Its Coming.
And i can't wait to lay my hands on them!

I keep telling my "babys".
They think i'm going bonkers!
And i'm head over heels for the phone!
Thou its "just a phone"
soon, i'll see Iphone every where and any where in singapore.

But i'll promise to love my phone.
Not neglecting it.
Attached to it like my spouse.
Say my vows.
Promise to love it.
And also promise no divorce.

I just get so excited.
I'm gonna make it bling bling.
I'm also gonna make it the Chio-est iphone.
And people will be like - "damn, we both got iphone but why is her's chio-er den mine"
wah lalalala !!!
yesh yesh yesh !!!

** Dancing like the innocent little princess who got her fave teddy bear **

Ben insisted that i should get the black 8gb Iphone !
cuz i going to zhng till you dun even know its black.

I'm gonna get Jiwei to gimme discount for wrapping my phone from GMASK - PLAZA SING.
Jiwei must gimme advertising fee lor.
See i write big big gmask. and help him advertise !
Because he is so cute and i cant resist for not advertising for him.

Thats the power of a lady.
A lady can just get so crazy over something that she has to lay her hands on and make it her.
Scary or not.
Ok. Enuff of my rantings.
Next pls..

Dear all. I've decided not to get a tongue piercing.
Cuz i am a bloody coward. lols.
Definately not because of the pain.
But i simply do not want to lose the chance to get iphone over a piercing.
Ok. mum somehow isn't very happy of me getting pierced.
And .....

Clap please...

I'm gonna get a tattoo. Which i'm not gonna let my mum know !
Wait till one day when she finds out,
I'll be months or years later.
This time is really serious.

Already ask the Famous Kumar to design an angel
P.S. Please dun include "GLA" in the design.
P.P.S. Kumar must also give me advertising fee.. lols
P.P.P.S. erm .. Kumar ... 50 lollars .. lalala .. don't smack me hor.
cause i help u advertise.

prolly will wait till i get more money den i tattoo.
If not i'll have no moolah for ice cream session.
And i'll get depress if i don't get to eat ice cream.

And people. u guys dream on to see my tattoo.
If my mum can't see, u guys won't get a chance too.
Say i may be crazy to put it somewhere people can't see.
But its my decision.
I don't freaking care what you say.

But be honoured if u are the 2nd person to see the tattoo k.
Obviously the first will be the tattoo artist lar.
Pop me a bottle of Moet & Chandon.
Cause' I'm gonna be like super happy. (I hope so)

Let me get the drawings first.
Wah lalalalala !!

I am super happy. but i need more money.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Call Him The Man Of My Dreams...

I made a wish, that i could sleep forever.
Bacause the only place i could have you, is in my dreams.

...Because The Only Place I Could Have Him Is In My Dreams.

P.S. I missed you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Awaited Photos !!

These are the photos i was suppose to upload it ytd.
Which i was too lazy to do so.

And yes, we are back at Ice3.
My fave hang out place. My fave ice cream place.

The three ....
Erm ....
This was capture by BEN. my baby
Bear like my shades lots. i darn love this pic lor.
look so yandao.

we were trying to act dumb.

Ben say i look like young sch girl, cause of my hair.
*** Grins in happiness

The Handsome & Pretty


Long feeling nauseous, prolly because he's expecting.

Humping the pole ??

Sexy enuff. Love this photo to bits. cus i look super slim leh

continue cam-whoring.
They took turns to hump the poster.

Pole again/

ahh .. this is nice hor. candid shot from ben.

wahaha .. we are not kissing.
@ GrapeVine ok .. i didn't succeed in acting chio.GRAPEVINE. Located at upper serangoon.
Opp Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steamboat @ Gf Belle's place

This is the only photo i got for the night.
Well, dinner did turn out to be kinda happening.
Suppose all did enjoyed themselves.


Guess they had lots of secrets to share.

Dead Blog

Seems like pple have been tagging lesser and lesser ..
Well, prolly i should start to post some photos of my recent outings.

Meet up with my "BABYS" tonight. at Serangoon Gardens.
And cam-whore for the whole night.

They had chomp chomp for dinner. And i join them at dessert.
Yeyy. I get to eat my fave ice cream again.

Chocolate Indulgence + Apple Cinnamon.

Goodest leh .. (Sibei Ho)

As usual, our dessert place at Ice3.

We walked up to a playground nearby. And continue cam-whoring there.

Ben, Bear and me had more.
Went to Grapevine for more drinks. Another outing place discovered.

Stayed on for a while before walking home.

While walking, we saw Ponggol Nasi Lemak and decided to have supper there.
And it was my suppose to be Dinner.

Walk home from there after supper.

Photos will be posted tmr after the Queen Daphne is awake.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

kua kua ~~ Missing Post

Wahaha .. i don't know why my post have gone missing.
Really sad lor. Cause' some of my photos are just gone in a POOF~
But anyway, my mood has been good~ not too bad these few days.

Especially with news from Singtel that my beloved Iphone is coming in soon. Well, and real soon.

Had dinner with my new GFs last night. lols.
Steamboat. @ the new Tian Tian BBq located at Liang Seah Street.
Wasn't too bad, had eaten there once on Ben's birthday. But this time round, they had more food thou.
But i didn't get to eat desserts today, wen zi is like .. watermelon. Why no more watermelon.
So then, the guy heard us. and served a plate of watermelons.
But that wasn't quite enought for wen zi. !! The watermelon Eater. lols.
(ahh ha.. gf .. dun slap me hor)

This is what my camera can do.

no photo lor. don't know why never take photos recently.

Oh ya, meet up with xiao wei to G2000 to get her shirts.
But couldn't find what she wanted.
An official CONGRATULATIONS to her for getting a new job with a good pay.
But far la. Bukit Batok wor.
How to deliver "ai xin lunch box" ?

Ok, back to the topic.

In need for more photos, guess i should get out more often. Just in case of being extinct.

Recently, I've been telling my friends that i'm goin all in for tongue piercing. Almost %99 disagreed. So that actually make me vacillate - tts the word right?!
ahh. now still kinda wondering if i should go for it.
Shall decide when my money comes in.

Well, i guess tts abt it. And i'm gonna get ready for some happening later.

Friday, August 1, 2008

I Love The Way You Love Me

He'll give me his warmest kiss and best hugs he ever had.
Welcomes me every morning with the best smile he can give.
He'll keep my little secrets.