Saturday, May 30, 2009

Went for bkt today~
In the end, only rach Simon Kumar n me turn up.

I have swollen gums now~
so painful !
I need to see a dentist soon~
Means $$ gonna fly :(

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ewwwk .. lol.
I'm half hopping half jumping.. Quietly, discreetly of cause~

It's Friday tomorrow~

It's BKT time tmr night ~

Anyways, I'm so happy.
Nelson is back from is scorching, dirty, tiring, lotsa mozzie's outfield !
So we're having coffee tonight~
yipppies .. so long nv see him ~ like 4 days lor~


ermm ...should i quit my job?
i'm so tired of it~ sitting there~ doing nothing.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This time~ I'm smiling by way back home~

Phew~ was super angry with that animal today.
She deleted all my photos lor~

what the heck. So angry~
it was that only few photos at yunne's birthday.
And that's on V day.
That few photos of him and me~
Poof~ and gone~

Unsure if I could retrieve back.
But was really upsetting.

Since yesterday, I made full use of my 3hours at work; reading.

Toto-chan. I wish I had that fabulous childhood like hers,
Railway train cabins as the classroom;
Forest and streams, the garden;
And most importantly, I love the idea of bring lunch boxes.

I love lunch boxes, cuz you never know what mummy has prepared and they never fails to gives surprises.

Years back, I was choosing between 2 books to buy.
But i got the other book (cant rmb what was it)

Blogging while on the way home.
That why i love my iPhone.

But i dun understand why iPhone dun use 5-8 mp camera~
And that will be the perfect phone~

Tsk, and then i can take photos..
Upload and blog all from my phone.


just met up with teddy, simon and barry for late dinner.
knocked off and took a bus to Kembangan Al-ameen
Ate alot last night.. pheee .... fat ~ i know ..
teddy has been reminding me everytime he sees me~
and calls me a emu =(
he says i pout looks like emu =(
damn sad la ...

see .. where on earth do i look like emu ?!

slept early for the night~

Looking forward to FRIDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ~~~
ARghh .. i need to spice up my blog soon ..
It looks like it's dying ...

Bling Bling ~~
I wants me, my phone and my blog and everything to be chio like before ~~

Grr ..

Cant wait for FRIDAY to come ~~ wee~

TGFIGC ~ [thank god friday is gonna come]


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Would someone buy me "The Gift" written by Cecelia Ahern?

I prolly would go bankrupt buying n reading her books~ bleahs

I'm addicted to Ah-hern books larrrr~~

Buy me pressie anyone~~
*winks winks

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You are not my everything in this world but you took me out of the world; once, twice or maybe more.

I néed to be re-assured~ but you just don't know how.
I need to be miss
I need to be remembered by you; somehow.

When dusk invaded sneakily; you too, occupied my thoughts.

How do I not think of you,
Questions surfacing~
how's your day,
Have you eaten,
Tell me some interesting incident you've came across today.

Questions asked, but no answers give.
Pathetic as I can be~

Never will be invading like how dusk did.
My day ends every dawn's grand arrival~

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

went cineleiseure with the guys ytd.
very tired but happy lar..

initially, i didnt had to work.
but was called back due to perm recep on mc.
best of all, the HR called me about 9am.
when i just reach my doorstep.
went out for supper and only slept like .. 2-3 hours.

so i was really freaking tired when i'm at work.
but just kept washing my face to keep myself awake.

and ytd night.
accompanied nelson to get his new iPhone after my work.
and then to cine to get his screen protector n stuffs

i always want to get new screen protector.
mine got scratch like dunno what alr.

hmm .. i've waited for very long to get my blings liao.
when i get paid for this assignment..
woohoo .. god bless my phone.
i've been very tolerant with my ugly phone liao..

have been hardworkingly blogging these few days.
cuz its really bored in here.
either i online or i gossips with the people around.
but i try to siam from their conversation all the time.
feels so naggy.
cant stand people yaking and yaking beside me.


hais. y do he have to use this kind of language towards me.
damn sad.
i hate that he always thinks he's right.
but he never know how hurting his words was.

worst of all species.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Something is just not right.
I cant really use a certain word to describe what it is.
but everything just felt so.. broken.

out of sudden,
i felt so ... lost.. like .. having no one to depend on .. emotionally...

well, since ytd, i had this feeling.
a feeling that i shouldn't be having.
so weird.

so happy he came to join me for lunch at TPY.
Thou my canteen's food is ex and not nice.
hehe paiseh ah..

i'm gonna make my own lunch box tomorrow.
plus tonight, i'll be meeting him-again, fenz, rach and some other people at orchard.

Ive made a wish list of the things I want to get if possible,
but i seriously dont mind if anyone wants to get it as a gift for me.

Here it comes,

Adidas Polo Tee
Liverpool Jersey
Badminton Racket
Pretty New Heels
F21 Dress
Crystals for my phone
Hair rebonding, treatment, cut

wait i think of some more than update ..

gotta ciao liao ..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Day

After 2 sleepless nights, i've finally gotten my sleep this morning at about 4 am.
Expected to wake up at about 12 hours later,
but instead.
woke up at 1 plus.

and with some conversation here and there with jove,
met up with yong tai, jove and dennis at golden mile.
had dinner and went for billard with the guys.
jove went back earlier after dinner.

went up to this billard room at nearby middle road.
played for like 2 games and they walk to to the bus stop.

head over to shyy's daddy place.
to watch football !
went up only at half-time.
blackburn vs portsmouth.
2-0 lor. he damn happy lor.


and here i am watching my liverpool match against west ham.
an away match.
1st min alr 1 goal from liverpool.. woohoo

die west ham.. die.
wahhaha ...

his doggie so cute lor.
spitz n husky.
sunny so tiko and hyper.
sirius is so serious. but got a boy boy look.
omg .. they all so cute ..

i wana kidnap them home .. shhh ... oops .. hehe

today full moon leh.
can see moon at his place too..

full moon ... aarrll woooooooo ...
lols ..

tmr is happy mama's day ..
hmm .. no money buy gift this yr leh.
sibei sian lor.

wooohooo ... another goal from gerrard at 38th min ..
woohoo .. another penalty kick.
but still, it's a freaking goal manz.

Go liverpool ! win the season !

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work slacking Time

Rotting, slacking, munching, calling .. in the office.
Super slack.

My dear friend came to accomplany me for lunch.
so xin fu. haha.

i'm so ... hmmm...
have been online chatting the whole day manz.
browsing some of the nonsense stuffs ..
damn. my pc cannot play poker. they've got firewall.

and here came my CEO's PA.
she ask me to look for some flowers for mother's day.
and so i went on to far east floral to search for some.
and i came across this:
so nice right.
i like it rimmed with baby's breath flowers.

hmm. it have been years since i last receive a bouquet of flowers.
thou i always say that, buying flowers is a waste of money and so useless that you cant do anything with it except to see them die off.
but maybe once in a long long while i'ld be really gleeful to recieve a bouquet.

well, other than browsing for flowers today,
i've been doing research for furnitures and interior designs.
i'm so fortunate to be working in a home appliances company and
most importantly, they have lots of books and magazines on interior designs.

I came across this magazine named COMTEMPORARY HOME DESIGN
their concept is very trendy,
looks more like a showroom than a home.
Most importantly, a big space is need before you can acquire their design.
i think at least 3-5x of a normal 2 storey terrace house.
got swimming pool somemore.

so envy..

it's time of the day.
knocking off soon. another 45 mins more.

hmm .. feel like pigging on meat buffet ..
i need meat.

time for to go .. to get any hourly water parade..........


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

grrr. i hate the IRAS. and i hate the AVA.
i simply dun like the gov bodies.
kns. everything also fine fine fine.
tmd. freeze my account liao still wana fine me.
wth wth. grrr ..

and the UOB la. dunno their call centre for what.
Call and ask about simple things, they say cannot.
Whatever info also don't have, unless i have iBanking or phone banking.

If i have what for i need to call them for sia.
*piak forehead*

Anyways. Nel came to have lunchie with me today.
So good hor.
we ate mos burger.
and then ... poof .. 7 dollar gone.
wah. damn broke again.


well this morning. dont know how why when what where did my dog ran out.
see la .. always leave the door open.
grrrrr.. i hate it when my doggie runs out.
there was once where i believe he got bang by a car.
and injured his left leg.
couldnt walk for days.
so poor thing.

so well. luckily i think either my brother or my father went to look for him.
phew. relieved manz.
make me so kan chiong while at work.

yey .. i'm knocking off soon. about 15 mins more.
gonna go home. bathe and concuss liao.
didnt had enuff sleep last night and was a little grouchy this morning.
but.. hmm.

i bought red bull this morning. but didnt feel really sleepy after lunch.
so left it in the fridge that can play games, on music. do funny stuffs on the monitor.
funny right.
who would be standing at the fridge to play games?

i dun care, cuz me, princess is not gonna buy stuffs from them.
hmm .. maybe can conside buying oven lar.
but still their stuffs are so ex..


yey.. badminton on thurs. happy ahh.

Monday, May 4, 2009

went to watch horseman on Sat with nelson and yunne.
Nelson damn yandao that day lor.
Stupid movie damn gross lor.
half the time i was grabbing nel's arm.
lucky they censored the part where the faggot cut open his tummy and take the heart out.
eww ...

i'm starting to eat abit more these days.
my gastric pain is getting worst.

i kinda tried to tell him ytd.
but he always so tired, either that or super busy.
so hais. dun think he really understand what is going on.

a lil upset thou.
he spents alot of time with me.
but the problem is 99% of it, he doesnt pay attention.
he never listen to what i'm telling him.

well, what ever it is.
i just hope everything turn out fine.

I pray my mum gets the job offer in philippines.
Then i can go for holidays.
I hearts holidays.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I will try not to cry when it's over, but instead, smile because it happened.

0nly he is able to put a smile in my face.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's been a day with swollen eyes.
Typhoon in me.


All I could do was to cry.
A friend ask, why did I want to do this.
I said, my existance hinders him.
And he doesn't deserves all these.