Thursday, October 23, 2008



Prolly i'll be dressing up as angel or some gothic pple or nurse bah
Still can't make up my mind.
Wait for some inspirations when i get to KL
I'll be back on 28th.
So if you guys wana get costumes or something,
we can rent at costumes shop near selegie.
Well. you people can also tagg on my board if u wana join in wearing costumes.
In between these days, you guys can contact Ms`Asylum at her blog.
Or msg me la.. I got roaming..
If u guys miss me too much also can msg me.
Take care alls..

Just before I go

Clubbing !!
17th Oct 2008
Member on Board:
Went movies with kumar earlier.
watch RocknRolla.
psychoed kumar to join us.
After club, its BKT time.
after Bkt .. it's TCC coffee time.
I think we reach TCC about 3 plus..
had coffee and desserts....
talk cock sing song...
till about 5 plus..
start ordering breakfast.
** TCC breakfast is slurpping good..
Thumbs up leh... i like salmon with scramble egg and bagels..


My chio Photo of the day at TCC
Ben !!
Another Outing

Went shopping with Wenzi, wen bf and sheena.
Shopped at far east. Ate at mogu mogu.
hmm .. after that
went to see kumar bowling.
hmm. wondered why i never liked bowling.
I really sucked at bowling.
Used to joke about myself being the ball.. lols
anyways .. scored 0 for 1st few times..
damn sian liao.
but got better abit..
At least i hit some pins lar ..
wahah. thanks to GFs n kumar.. wahaha
But i still like taking photos.
Photos are still my forte.. wahaha
Pic of the Day.
Kumar's very chio bowling style.
My GFs
Black: kua si mi lan ?!
Cam whore at bowling

Me and Wenzi on her Big Day
Final Photo.
Took group photo with the F1 peoples..
I want the banner lor ..
But they dun let me take home..

Monday, October 20, 2008


I guess I need to do some updates.

I'm going KL with my loves.
23rd to 28th.

Had some rough planning.
Booked our coach tickets from Grassland few days backed.
And our Hotel reservation today at BEN's place.
Cost us RM 420 for 5days 4nights.

Happy Hour coming soon.

I think my body is going to collaspe soon.
Due to my hyper outings till early morning.

Well. No photos will be uploaded anytime soon.
I guess.
Because our dear BEN reformatted his PC.
And there is no PHOTOSHOP.

Tell me la .. how to post.

But will fill up the photos prolly when i'm back from KL ..
Catch up with you guys real soon i hope.

P.S. Next update will be about Halloween.
Will be posted by wednesday.
All details to be cfm again with

ME (FujiApple) or Sheena (Ms`Asylum)