Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whites? nah ..

There's a AML in the company where i temp for a few days.
He's hot, baby.
He's got a gorgeous face.

Most imptly, he's got a nice ass !! woots..
Sure it's uber shiok to spank, boy.

P.S. too bad, he's white
P.P.S. I was give a stack of Singtel bills about 3 inches thick, to calculate the amount for idd calls each month.. *faint.
P.P.P.S. I blog about this because i'm simply too bored to be bothered by the Singtel bills given to me by my boss.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Boring little Corner

I'm sitting here at my boring little corner.
As you guys know, I've started my temp jobs at ToaPayoh.

Hmm. well. I've got lots of time to blog, msn, facebook and to chat on phone.
It's so relax to be the receptionist here,
But only thing is to sign and distribute the packages and letters.
Thats the only tough thing.

Feel like snacking.
Hmm.. what shall I have for breakfast and lunch tmr??

Does Apology helps?

Seems like those who should have gotten their apology, have already recieved.

How about mine?
Is 'someone' apologogetic for what she has done? - bad enough to hurt me deep.
Or maybe she doesn't even know what she has done.

Ahh too bad for people who doesn't knows how to repent.

Once bitten, twice shy.
Chances after chances.
How much more do you need?
Tsk. Infinite chances are never enough for people who don't feel any sorriness for their mistakes.
Leopard never changes it's spots.

So, why should i even bother.

P.S. Tsk Tsk.. Too bad for you. The second time, and this time round, I learn.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


How real is real?
How real can a friend be?

Have you ever feel betrayal?
I was right. I ever told Ben.
'someone' trying all her best to bring the whatever I want away from me.

Why? To prove; to compare 'that someone' is better.
'That someone' could be a little more faux-ie. Faker.

A cheap lesson learned.

Telling my stories to other people - adding her own spices - how real can that 'someone' be?

Telling me my friends are fake - while her genuine friends spin stories about mine - how real can that 'someone' be?

What is real?

I wonder how 'real' that someone has become after joining her 'real' khakis

Friday, January 23, 2009

Waking up at un-godly hours and blogging still !


look at the bloody time now.
yess. i'm blogging about how early i woked up.
what an un-godly hour to wake up, moreover in an office wear.
yess. i'm gonna start work. but fortunately today is just handover some jobs.

for the first time in so many years apart from school, i'm waking up at this hour and i could actually hear the national anthem at the school opposite my place.
it's simply amazing.
will be working from 9am-1pm.
pray hard i survive.
it's not like i've not been working.
but it's just that i've not been taking office hours job.

I actually woked up energetically.
with just 4 hours of sleep.
But i'm starting to yawn now. and eyes getting blurrry.
It's just not me. I couldn't have survive with that 4 hours of sleep in a day.
Basically, impossible.
Hopefully, a can of red bull will help me survive thru the day.

So help me God.
my toy,

thank you for everything.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I feel so stupid.
So ugly.
So un-adorable.
So idiotic.

Cause, I finally broke down in front of him.
Why did that have to happen.

Everything was fine. Thou deep down I know it wasn't.

That hurt will come sooner or later..
Can it be later?
Can i avoid it?

No matter how much I pretend to be smiling again,
it's still there.
the pain.

I will try to be strong.
I'll be good. I promise.

Fabulous Me

Jia You for me.
3 Cheers for me.

I'll stay strong.
I'll not give up.

I'm too fabulous.
It's your loss if i'm not cherished.

But i'll continue to wait.
Continue to work hard.
Continue to jia you.
Continue to love.

How can i get angry with you.
I'll always melt at the glimpse of your smile.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i miss you so so so much.

More tissues needed.
Anyone can supply?

i feel so bad .. so terrible..

i will not expect .
i will not be sad .
i will not whine .
i will not flood anymore tissues .

Monday, January 19, 2009

Bought a new book yesterday.
"Where Rainbow Ends" By Cecilia Ahern
Planned to sit at Bugis TCC, read a little while waiting for him.

But instead I was surprised by him.
I expected he'll be taking his own sweet time.
wahh.. but uber happy.

Movie with kumar yesterday.
Watched Passenger.
Hmm .. no comments for the show.
Just as we were waiting for the show to start, mistress actually finish her show.
In the same building too.
She and Barry waited for us to end and came to meet us after our show ended.

went to birdshit cafe.
had my mango tango and rotted around till ricky came over.
then, headed to Al-Ameen at changi road for supper.
Super full..

Nowadays quite windy and cold at night.
left about 2 plus.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First, Congrats to Kumar, finally started registration for his Maven Mastermind Academy.
Bah, just a little advertising for Maven2.

Objective: English Creative Writing
Location: Kembangan Plaza Caters for Pri 3 to Pri 6.

Have got families and friend's kids need some brushing up in this aspect?

Call Kumar @ 92736750 or 68448667.
webbie :

Second, Congrats to me.
The princess is finally looking for a job.
To satisfy all my crave and wants.
And of cause, with a little bit of work, occupying my time.
I'll have less time for supper :(
But nevertheless, I'll just work hard for some things I'm gonna achieve this year.
Wish me all the best ya .

P.S. Kumar, credits to me. hehe

Princess Daphne.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Movie with Mistress, Jane , Prawnie and Kumar
At GV Tampines.
Went to eat Ajisen for dinner and rot around.
Rot around at Blue.. something Oasis.. hehe ..
aiya .. beside the coffee bean there.

Winter !
Waited like more than 20 mins for our drink !
Think the lychee is a little spoilt. bah :(
Leng ZAI !!!

Trying to make the Yin-Yang logo but failed.

Dunno why always got this extra black hand twiss.
That's Spring

A little blur. cuz i'm clumsyly holding on to popcorn drinks and camera

At Entrance of cinema still must cam whore a little


Went to meet kumar.
I can't remember where we had makan.
But we went to East Coast Park for a walk.

Just realise .. His photos haave been hogging up me camera !
It's like 80% is his photos !
Vain Pot.

Rested at NewZealand Naturals.
Had a - Rum&Rasins ThickShake. Yumms

Went to Cynthia's birthday.
Ricky went to pick Rach and Bunny at Katong, then over to pick us..
Drove to get a bottle over Red at Denise.
And head off to Bayshore Park.
Finally saw a few of the keyboard warriors ..oops*

Mistress Rachael & Jane (Bunny)
Boys are kids, no matter how old they are.
3.. 2.. 1.. FIGHT !!

The LONG one .. ASKM.

Saturday, January 10, 2009




我不喜欢 没有理由的痛。
我不喜欢 泪水里的痛。






我开始不想 喜欢 了。
闪躲每一次遇见的 喜欢。
若有苦 是自己的。
若有痛 是自己受的。


Thursday, January 8, 2009





可是,渐渐的, 想念你好像成了一种习惯。

我不想 !
我不喜欢 !




Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Scandalous Night

Jon kor korrrrr~~~
Jon's treat to crepes.

Suntec Xmas tree
Jon: "where's my food"

Cam-whore while waiting for food
Damn gay lor ..