Thursday, September 30, 2010

busy busy busy ....
and continue procrastinating ...
how can the drowsy effect last till now ..
i had a sextifying mee sua dinner, then went home and concussed till 8am..
Thus i'm late.
For this whole week, my boss is earlier than me.

oh btw .. i got a invite to banana republic close door event~
and a complimentary voucher...
so nice .. but their stuff are like so ex...
doubt i'll be going anyway. since i need sleep more than shopping.

i need photos ..
Lack of photos recently~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I got my confirmation letter yesterday !!
but why didn't i feel the kind of excitement i was expecting?
it is b/c i read my own appraisal written by bossy?
idk la....

2 zillion years and i've not book tickets for holiday yet.
i need my holidays ~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i feel like a junk today..
just thought i'ld be someone productive and all i get to do was like the jap girl in flashforward.
being banished to do stuff like making coffee, and file labeling.
crap i had enough.

or maybe, was i frustrated with something else?
i just don't want answers to that question.

i felt like i've drain off all my energy left in me.

complete loss of motivation.
everyone else is working on the monthly report.
should i start on it too?

all my energy in that pint of ice cream. or maybe two.

not another day of rants.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

seems like my dreams are coming true. the haunting part.
gawd ! i see him everywhere sia..
i need a breather.

feel so suffocated.

and the pass.. grahh ..
why is it when people create problems for me and i have to bear all the yakings ...
Finally after 200 godzillion years, my expenses claim is in .. yeyy !!

going back to hq tmr to collect claim! cash in and i got money on ... thursday ...
yey... and Daphne can has ice cream pint again ~

i think i'm still having hangover from the ice cream the other day.
udders ice cream makes me drunk.
oooophmmm so rich in liquor ....

Monday, September 20, 2010

i get so depressed sometimes i just want to stay in bed and cry the whole day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I was a sad grumpy old woman yesterday.
Maybe i still am today.
I don't know.

I woke up today feeling like aching all over. it must be muscle-overworked. and i as i thought, i may be laying in bed all day, but all i wanted to do at that moment was to have breakfast with my parents. i got out of bed, spontaneously. eh, that probably shouldn't be the way how i use that word. but anyway, mum was out, and that also meant i should settle breakfast myself.

As i watched sex and the city tv series, i was sink my teeth away in 3 pieces of reheated kfc, a med coleslaw. that thing was my brunch. not too bad as i get to stay in bed anyhow.

well, girls, we all make mistakes, and at some point in our life, we all get the crap from the jerks and we all heal from the hurt, the sadness we get from them. moving on was easier said than done. i can't quite figure out how but i think i'm almost done with it. it was when they hurt you and all u felt was being so upset for 5 mins and after that, relieved. ok but you are still upset. but water just never comes out from the lacrimal duct. i suppose that's how it is.

by now i should have it all figured out. i did. nothing should ruin my sunday. nothing.

i just want to snuggle and have ice cream in bed with the love tonight.
can i?

“Whenever i’m sad, i just stop being sad and start being awesome. True story” Barney Stinson.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I wish it was an AWESOME Thursday

I can has new perfume...
Awesomely love my bro and sis.

anyways.... i guess the plan tonight will be cancelled...
but nvm ..

my colleagues and i are going to kumar show on monday night..
yeyyness to make up for tonight~

tmr is co event day~
stil contemplating if i should wear my brown dress ~

grahh .. i'm so random ...

Monday, September 13, 2010

me loves sunday !

I need a new bottle of diesel ~
or a few bottles of perfume..
oh ralph lauren turquoise is nice.
love the musky scent..

Total sianness..
i forgot to bring my adapter for my macbook.
took my colleague's ride back home but to find my metal gate locked.
grah ..
my crazy father lock the gate and never give me key ...
lan lan lor ...
called mummy to complain about her ding dong husband ...

thus had to live half a day with my mac.
sigh ~
but i'm happy today~

the guys calls me ding dong today ~
but i'm happy lar dey ~

@@ forward to thursday and friday~
yippies ~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

i had my fair share of unhappiness and frustrations today already.
i've had enough of my boss misunderstanding what i say and start to throw his temper at me already.
i'm sick and tired of my parents still trying to make decisions for me.
i hate to come back to MY room and see that my thing's have been touched.
and needless to say .. i don't need my parents to decide my room colour.
FML la.

first, yesterday my stuff are moved.
and today i come back to see my room blue..
what the fuck blue.
i hate the blue !
i hate what's with everything in my room now.

if they want to decide everything them move house for what.
then dont give me room la.



knn .. sibei angry !

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I must must buy a mouse for myself next payday~
My mouse is getting cranky. Arghh

And 2 optical mouse for office~
Hmm any recommendation?
My office desk need revampation ~
Revamp~ revamp~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fucking angry with the securities.
Why am I being reprimanded for things I've not done.
Why am I being blames for all the politic going on

Fucking bugger. If he wants to leave the bloody co. then leave.
When u don't listen to instructions, u get into trouble, I have to clear your shit.
I'm not a shit clearer.

It's best if you could get your ass out of here. Now right Now. No one is keeping u here.

I give in and I've compromise enough.
Ding. Limit hit.

Just keep your bloody mouth shut la.
No one wants to listen to your stupid arrogant comments.

Keep asking the co to implement this and that. You pay la.
Say until so big fuck.
Arghhhh !!
I want to kill people alr.