Sunday, January 31, 2010

Enough. Period.

Times like this is frastrating.
Although it all started to blow when i wasn't around but the vibes still remains.
Although I didn't see him since i was back, that doesn't means the problem isn't there.
Came back with a joyous mood, happier than before.
So why dampen my mood.

You are the reason why i want to leave.
why must you take away my rights.
i'm so mixed up inside and i know.
and you are the cause.

you never treated the 3 of us fairly.
so what's all the bullshits about doing what u preach.

you are the dad that's so different.

i was so proud to have you as my dad.. but it was. not now.

i don't need a dad like this and i don't want a brother like this.
Take it that i was never your daughter and shut it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blog Skin

my blog is lacking a big ass photo of mine.. no wonder it looks dull recently ~ lols :p

Well.. Waiting at the departure hall is the boringest thing to do.
it's such a hassle that when sleeping bugs sets in and at the same time you have to look out for your belongings.
Lucky for me, i have my baby Macbook with me.
It probably would have been better if i've got iPad instead.
most importantly, it's lighter ~

ok enough of that~

I'm tired and hopes my flight doesn't have much people so i can rot at the back occupying 3 seats.

Chatted with a couple just now.
Both from the states but guy, Paul is staying in taiwan and girl, Diani or something .. couldn't remember ..
she's staying in the states..
And they're on vacation..
Traveling to taiwan .. philippines.. singapore.. malaysia.. thailand..
wow.. so many countries..
so fun~
i want a vacation like this too~

and i recommended them a place to stay... guess where..

of cause not Hotel 81...

it's Lloyd's Inn.. Cheap and close to Orchard Rd.
such a good deal.

Anyways, that's not exactly the topic i wanted to blog about today..

Been browsing other people's blog and realise that those famous blogger have their own blog skins.
not that i want to be well-known but having a blogskin that only belongs to myself is so unique ..
so .. i want one~

and where do i start?
i totally have no idea~

i want something gold.. can i get gold ? hmm ..
what's the colour combi to get gold?

hmmm ... pondering~

ok guess it's almost time to board the plane ..
gonna snooze my way home...

shh .. don't wake me up unless it's an emergency~

P.S. i want a new blogskin~ !

Hitler responds to iPad .. LMAO

Must see~ lols...

20kgs is no joke

First of all, can i not lugg 20 kgs can cab back tmr?
It's heavy lar~
Plus i don't want to crack my chio nails.
humpf~ must kok him for dinner..
cuz i bought a super nice pressie~

Anyways, that's for tomorrow.

Second, 2 days back,
mum was telling me that this Apple came out with tablet.
And that was when i'm awfully sick.
Who cares about what tablet.

And when i've gathered enough strength,
i finally switch on my lappy again~
open my mail.
and there it is, Apple's latest update on iPad.

i seriously felt that the name sounds very very wrong.
why don't they just call it iTablet or something?
anyways, was watching the vid and mum was nomming and munching beside me..

and my mum pops out a question: "eh u want anot? ask yi ma buy from the states want anot?"
so i replied: " i want la but not cheap leh"
mum: "how much?"
me "ehh..... *check for price*.... EEEHH *me screams* only USD 8xx leh.. cheeeaappppp sia"
mum: "get leh.. den i can use.. ..... .... *mum looks at screen... looks back at me...* how to use ah.. like iPhone right... enlarge version of iPhone la .. must be"

me: -.-"

so this is the iPad...

iTab sounds nicer leh~ kns~

Thursday, January 21, 2010


i wonder what happened.
what has gotten into me.
still feeling feverish.

it's been a long time since i'm back home.

i'm gonna get dressed and then to town for shopping,
tonight going to hot spring in "Bei-Tou"
Tomorrow morning set off to "Li Shan" .. one of the mountain that snows..

Can i see snow tmr?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


In the wee hours of the night, listening to the ticking sound of my watch make me happy.
Because i'm still breathing, i'm still alive.

Got a news from Taiwan.
The man that i respect alot, died a month back.
He's one of the most righteous guy i've ever known.

And he's only 41.

how can life be so fragile?

no mood to continue.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Can i stop reminding myself that it's a choice?

i hate to see every lil bit of you.

Edsa Shangri-La

i went shopping today at Edsa Shangri-La.
Bought 4 tops at Gap.
Spent only P3k+

I got a missed call this afternoon.
But i left my phone at home to charge.

I can't stop to wonder is it him.
Is he back.
Why is it when i call back and no one picks up?
Who is that?
Who called?
I need answers.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

"sometimes you make me so upset.
sometimes you make me wanna cry.
sometimes you make me smile.
sometimes you make me wanna shout.
but all of the time, you made me love you so much."

Saturday, January 16, 2010

you are such a pain in the ass.
why are you so self-centered?
not everything can go your way, don't you know that.
spoilt brat. look at yourself before commenting on others.
you are not even up to the standard to critisize.


Friday, January 15, 2010

my boring days

i have something to look forward to !

i'm taking the test when i'm back in sg..
and i'll make sure i pass on my 1st attempt ..
so that i can claim my dinner .. teehee ....

this moment, i want to be here, next, i want to be there


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 1 was boring.

Day 1

Mum came to pick me up at SM Megamall with Jaci, our chauffeur.
went back to the apartment, drop off my luggies and then to office,

walked to SM Megamall with mummy about late noon.
bought a travel guide and walked around for a while.

Mr Koo called arnd 6 to make arrangement for dinner.
Dine at SongKo, Korean restaurant.

Woohoo .. The beef was damn good la~
Mr koo is also damn cool la~
Hard to imagine a regional mgr could be like this.

i'm tired of updating.
why are you so problematic.
you are such an AS.

He says Clark is a dead town and he's right

12pm. Landed in DMIA
well not really international.

it's so tiny with 2 luggies belt that i could "get lost" in it.
but lucky thing, the toilets are like "thank God , it's clean"

Slept throughout the whole journey in the plane.
anyways, clark really looks like a dead town.
now i wonder how did i believe that there's actually casinos around?
maybe elsewhere i guess.

now on my way to SM Megamall, some where in Manila city itself.
i actually still can't figure out clark's relationship with manila.
perhaps manila is one big city with many many towns in it.
the "town" i'm going to … i think it's called Ortigas.

Somehow i just feel that the bus ride to my destination is gonna kill me.
it's worse than the coach to KL from SG.
i shall not whine about the bus cause the aircon is damn strong.

This time, it's kinda not the usual me.
Ever since my vegas trip, i'll buy guides and maps and do my homework for the places i'm going.
there'll be stickies everywhere in the guide…..notes and stuff..
and by the time i board the plane, i literally know the book inside out.
but this time, i did not buy any maps and guides plus, i forgot to bring the list of stuff written to me by my masseuse

the lil finger on my right hand still feels numb after docking my head on it for an hour plus.

i'm now passing through a very big piece of plain land.
suddenly, memories takes me back to 2006.
on a bus ride, from LA to Vegas,
and i see is desert. and desert and still desert.


P.S. Time for a nap~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's a choice

this is such a lousy feeling.

i want to run away so much, but yet i want to stay even more.

i want to say it's really alright. but it isn't.
why isn't it alright?

Monday, January 11, 2010

I've stopped searching

I think you've left my life.
I don't know where you've gone to, and I guess I'll never know.

Somehow I was hoping to see you again.
Just like how we met.
I didn't know why things will turn out like this.

You've left without a word.

I've stopped searching for you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fancy Jag

Was never interested in that black old jag that was sold away some time ago. But suddenly, I miss it today.

That was the black old jag that pick me up from school for a period of time.
Drove me to work
Ferry my friends and I around
Caused problems in my family
Gave my brother a name of owning a jag at age of 28
Spin around Singapore

Miss that black old jag.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

was hoping for monday to come faster.
yet was also hoping for time to freeze at that moment.

does anyone understand what does it means?

P.S. I don't
P.P.S Tonight come fast ~

Friday, January 1, 2010

Last day of the year ~

Flashbacks invaded my mind and actually i'm feeling really grateful to this someone. Who picked me up when i wasn't doing too good.

wasn't a very fantastic day. didn't had plans till pretty late;
went sentosa in the end. with J.

i had only 3 cups of whisky dry.

anyways. had a bad start.

i hate it.