Thursday, April 30, 2009

First of all .. Happy birthday to Belle, HuiFen, RaRa and Dylan.

Went for Belle's birthday gathering on monday with the peeps.
Had a great time at this birdshit cafe.
Happyist .. but very very broke.
my jaw and my cheeks were cramping from all the laffs.

.. Stayed home during the day ..
met with xiao wei on tues and wed night.
passed her the camera on tues ..
but due to my goldfish memory, i forgot about the sim card that i'm suppose to pass her too ..
so .. on wed .. had to pass her a luggage bad and the sim card.
and the mighty me .. went down to grab my luggage of bear. headed to khatib ..
took the train with her to yewtee .. and head back home after that ...
power lor.

lols ..

and my dear xiao wei is flying off to bkk today.
lucky i reminded her to return thanks to the 4-face buddha.
but i totally forgot to do that when i was in bkk this jan.

anyways .. i'm back at electrolux for the next one week till the 8th.
So happy arnd here, but gotta wake up and sleep early.

well, i gotta run. heading to huifen's place for her bdae celeb later at tanglin view.
goodiest ... ..


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Man u vs Porto.. Good game...

I'll await tmr's good game too..
Liverpool vs chelsea..
Hopefully I'll see the guys there tmr..
And hopes R.T is there too..

The early bus is super damn cold..
Like as if it's winter...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bah bah bah blehhhhh

i almost forgot i've gotta work today.
mum drove me down to workplace .. and luckily i'm not late.

i'm gonna meet friends for coffee session tonight ..
and pray hard i get my moolahs asap.

And i've got so much craving since last night ..
alright .. prolly not only last night .. but .. hmm ...

then .. hmm ...
ohh yea .. had a screaming competition with bro n mum last night .
tsk ..
mum itchy to throw his things away .
but she ask him to check if he wants those 2 big bags of things.
guessed he didnt and left it there for days ..
aiya .. they just lack communication lar...

and the screams explodes ...

but after all i'm still quite happy ...
mum is selling this house and getting a bigger one..
which means i'm gonna get a big room ..
yey ...
so next time ... can watch soccer at my place liao ..

i need a hmm .. flat screen .. samsung tv .. which i might be able to get it cheap ..
whee .. it still has advantages working in mncs ..
well .. hmm .. i'm getting a queen bed ...
and best of all i'm gonna do up my room from scratch ..
means i'm gonna get my bitches to help me with painting ..
and drawings on wall ...
plus search for furnitures myself..
princess room it shall be ..

the thought of it makes me grin ..

ahh .. hmm ...
but the packing up of the house is tedious ..
all the dust is making me sneeze and making my nose and throat so damn itchy ...
tried to get outta the house as much as possible..

hmm.. i'm .. like ... craving for apple juice right now ..
hmm ... when is yong tai gonna treat me to movies and dinner .. tsk tsk ...

There's a liverpool match on thursday !!!
*winks winks* erh-hem ..
Someone: Auto abit hor ..... hahah..
* i know another good place to watch soccer .. and the mgr is a liverpool fan lor ... hahah

P.S. oh well .. be as sarcastic as you want .. i dont give a damn.. tsk .. silly lil sissy ...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Went to watch shinjuku incident ytd.
Some parts are gorey lor.. Ewwk.
But nice show lar.
Thou Jackie Chan is the bad guy in the show, ultimately he still want to be the good guy among the bad.
Like so roll eye lor.

But anyway. Humans are still humans.
No matter how careful they can be,
They still say thing that will hurt some others.

Another thing ... What the hell did she appear again for.
Like WTF.
What's wrong with her.
Can't she find her own.
If xxx is all she wanted, she could be a whore if she wants.
I'm crude but that's to her ! And her only.

P.S. Don't assume that I don't know about what's in between.
I prolly know more things that you think I do.

Ignorance is bliss.

And happily, I'm gonna watch the match again with him tonight...
Liverpool vs Fulham
Bless Liverpool.