Friday, February 18, 2011


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Every time i read the post you wrote about dear sirius, my eyes never failed to well up with tears.
such a sweet darling. always reminded me of the day you went back home, all smiling from ear to ear. I'm missing you sweet doggy~
"omg .. just kill me please." i've been saying this for months and i think it's time i should do myself a big favor: CHANGE. Stagnant isn't my favourite kinda thing, you see.
And oh ya .. before i forget .. you fuckingjackassignorantbastardsonofabitchwihtmixedbloodofspoiltbratandjerk.
Go bang wall please. you spoil my appetite and you never admit you are in the wrong. Despise.

ok .. shiok already.

so infuriating. when he comes talk to me i can feel my blood boil .. and smokes coming out..

Damn . just do your damn job la.

have been working my ass for 2 weeks .. spent time going out .. resting and catching up during chinese new year.. so nice to have steamboat and abalones for a few days straight ...

why cant we have cny all yr round?

Oh and Daryl.. bought me a jacket and a braun buffel something...awwsolove...
Loves you much man..
And i've got 1 more pressie to give him in return ...

And maybe i should get this sometime next month?