Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Friday, I'm so in love

I'm planning for shopping.
I tried on that shirt again ytd.
It didn't fit.

But it's nice. Really.
Should I or should I not.

And I saw another top.
I'm gonna try on and decide which to get.
I need to plan for Friday -the love day -
and Saturday -the Churras day -

I'm hoping to get my pay a lil earlier
And visit Karen for a hair surgery.

I'm going drinking.
With lovely Magdeline and Mr N
Hmm maybe I should go shop a lil at late noon.

I'm going to Churrascaria !
So happy !

Gf isn't free to acc me in the noon
So if I get to do my hair on thurs,
I'll go for a hair cut on sat.
And I'll look pretty at night.
*prays hard*

I'm gonna eat till I drop.
Plus Liverpool match at 10pm.
Awww so loves.

P.S. Gf. U've gotta join us on sat. I dunch care ! Muahhahah

P.P.S. Kumar. There'll be Barry, Xiao Yun, Ivan, you and me gg for churras.

P.P.P.S. Kumar. You ! Better not leave me in lurch on sat. You! know wad I mean :p

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just 1 more

I will dream of you tonight.
The dream I'll never want to wake up from

Let me have a lil place
Somewhere in that lil maze.

Dreams are cloudy in the sky
Blurry in the eyes
Sweet baby

When are you calling to say ,
Please stay.

HRCN. Part 2

Keep waking up tt morning.
Having slight fever.
So couldn't sleep well.

Contanstly feeling hot and cold simultaneously.

I actually ate the whole day.
Non stop.

I dislike stupid guys.
Look at ur bloody tummy before commenting on my "shape"
Of cause I don't have an hour glass figure.
But still.
Stop telling me that you have preference for slim girls.
It's bloody hell non of my bloody problem.

Anyways. I made fried bread for dinner.
And yes I ate non stop.

So today, I stopped eating for a day.
Thou i've got gastric pain while on the way home.
But doesn't matter la.
Tunny felt hungry. But mouth don't feel like having intakes.
Double booooos:(

It's the Liverpool vs villa match now.
And I'm not watching
Triple boooooooooooosss:(

Cheah nelnel bought stuffs today
And I'm gonna buy that T shirt~~
I like that tee.
It's cute.

I'm gonna buy that F21 shirt too.
The one which I can't button at my bust area.
Hopefully I can wear it on sat?
Hmm. Shall see how.
Gotta match a bottom too.
It's too translucent to wear it out like that.

Whatever it is. I'm gonna try it once more and see how.

Snoozing time.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm drenched
I'm cold
I'm shivering
I'm having migraines
I'm blogging about it.

Today. What a fabulous day.
Went to Barry's place to wrap his lappy.
Nelson was here too.

BB is so cute.
Cheah nn took lotsa photos of bb.
There's even shots of bb peeing.

And gotta taste XY's home cook food.

Went off about 9~
Watch the Sunderland vs Rovers match with nel.
Man U match was crap la
That stipud Wigan goalkeeper standing like a blurblock for all 5 goals that went in.

Teddy says that GK was an ex LFC player.
Damn lousy lar.
Or he kena bribed?

I'm tired.
Shall do update tmr.
Feeling feverish alr :(

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Bruno is out~
i want to watch movie~

Take me out for movie date anyone.
I want holate w hotguy. Lols. *winks*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

damn life

i'm disappointed.
and i look like this at that moment~
at least up till now i still feel like this~
disappointed about how my mum and the agent got miscommunications. worried about payments.
worry abt this worry abt that~

this 2 months i prepare to die cock stand liao.

so i should forget about having fun, and start deciding which type of grass is cheaper.

which means PH trip is gonna bloody hell postponed again.
which means many things will be delayed.

i believe things will get better.
hopefully it does.

Ph and Phuket trip is my only motivation now.
oh .. plus my birthday too..
aww .. i need ideas for birthday.

Chalet + Hotel + Dinner?
Chalet + Pub + Dinner?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Swedish is good

Sweden young man has got nice butt.
I totally agree to a certain extend.
Mr. C does have it. That why I call him Mr. Super-nice-bum

Ok that's not really the point.

I've just recieved ikea's 2010 catalog.
While browsing thru.
I've decided a few stuffs.
I want the platform kinda bedframe.
A soft soft mattress.
And many many pillows on my bed.

And I want carpets and rugs.
A full length mirror to sextify my vain-itism.
Maybe a sound proof door would be good. Wahahah.

More shoes more dresses. More........

Electrolux is also from Sweden.
Planning to get vacuum cleaner, blender and fruit juice machine.

I'll be needing oven, TV. Sound system too.
So much to get. So lil moolahs.

Swedish meatballs are good too.
I hearts meatballs~ aww

Omg. I got craves again.
I crave more for meat buffet.
Er-hem. I want churras soon~

Birthday~ Part 1

I'm happy.
I'm happy like since ytd.
And I woke up grinning today.

Mum's back in sg.
And out of the blue.
She ask how do I wana celeb my birthday.
It's the first year she ever ask such a question.

I obviously wanted a yatch party.
But it seems kinda impossible.
But I really want a special one ~!
Everybody's 21st either celebrated at the chalet or clubbing.
I want a different one.
I want a unique one.

Right. Then my mum says.
Let's have a chalet.
For the relatives and mum's friend and dad's friends.
And one day of hotel suite room of whole night's partying for me and my friends.

But was thinking.
Should I get a smaller room instead.
And book half a pub for drinking n singing?

I want a yatch party !

Let's see how things goes ok.

But right now.
Whilst flipping thru the magazine.
I've been thinking what I want for birthday pressies.
Yes I am shamlessly asking for pressies now.

So guys.
To save u from getting headaches what to buy for me.
I'll list out what I want for pressies.

1. Emporio Armani watch - $395
2. Lanvin Eclat d'Arpege perfume - $70+-
3. Puma shoes - $120+-
4. Agnes B. Pouch - $60+-
5. Those Polaroid instant cameras
6. The "Custom-ary" Key Pendant.

Let me think of more and I'll update again.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Thanks for the memories

Have not started reading yet.
Yet again, i splurge on another of her workpiece.
Whilst waiting for Mr. N on friday night.
see la ~ spend money again.

went to run some errands for mum at shaw tower.
before walking arnd bugis to wait for Mr. N

ok ~ i'm knocking off now~
but need to be back at work on wed for half a day.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

another session of coffee tonight?
wad at old hq ytd night~

i'm missing fireworks.

very random.
just typing out whatever that shots to my mind.

i'm contemplating if i should get that F21 top.
it isn't skimpy but its very translucant.
plus . i can't button it at my bust area.

so should i?

xiao wei got me a nice tube dress and i went to alter it ytd.
its shorted now. but not enuff.
it actually looks kinda ugly. cuz of the cut.
i think i'll trim it a lil more shorter.
so it wont look as if its wrapping my butt

why can someone feel so tired?
i meant everyday,
it just seems like no matter how much rest they've got,
it's never enuff.

i bought a nice F21 dress which i've been eyeing on for a couple of months alr.
and 3 shorts at Topshop.

F21 has become my new addiction

i need to get more of my everyday outing clothes.
thou i need more dresses.

i'm planning to order from the net for new clothes just before i fly to PH
so i don't have to pack too much clothes for my trip.
hope everything goes well.

mum's coming back on the 5th.
should be touching down at late night

time to look back and reflect again.


i'll make the same birthday wish as i did the last year.

It's gonna be my 21st birthday.
and i wish and pray it'll come true.

i want it to come true come true COME TRUE ~!