Thursday, November 24, 2011

December's coming ... It' my time of the year to S.h.i.N.E again !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nothing's new; I can summarize my my life into 1 breath and that will be "work, work, tired, frustrated, work".

Not complaining that I've been on night shift ever since, but i get real sleepy around starting 3-4am. Reason being, I wakes up at THREE effing P.M. All these days i can only feel the tiredness building up in me. Please let me have a good rest.

Back to work, have been receiving tips on and off. All kinds of player in this entertainment industry, and i get frustrated with them sometimes. I mean you cant always be on the upper east side right. And there is no guarantee winnings in the casino, that's why they call it the bet. It is not up to me to decide your winnings or losses. So stop venting all your anger on me please. I'm just here to draw out your cards.

Once i encountered this player who actually seems nice, but don't get cheated by the looks, darn this guys, he's an a-hole. serious. Every shift we all stand for 6 hours at least, so please go easy on us. And it's not that easy to deal a game, else training would be redundant. You have never been on this side of the table, so don't assume that it's an easy job. c'mon la. you have no right to comment till you've ever dealt a game.

Not all players are that bad, I've met some nice ones too. those who helped improved my skills by giving tips and advices. And they chat with me too. It gets real boring and sleepy when the table's too quiet. [oh, i can never understand why some like to type quiet as quite. It is QUIET not quiTE]. There was this group of china guys that came to play at my Three Card Poker table just a couple of days back. They got me laughing till i almost got a cramp and couldn't deal. My table was the noisiest. And i think i've paid out the most to them ever since i started work. Can't deny it's the best work day till date.

Oh, and i got this crazy china player the 2-3 days back. i heard he never left the casino for about 3-4 days. and gambled till he didn't have any money left. and he kicked up a big fuss over some matter that he was actually in the wrong.

anyways. i've been dreading to go work these days. my only motivation is to look forward to off days.

alright. i think that's enough for now. I hope i survived till the next off...