Thursday, June 24, 2010

i didn't expect work life could get so tedious until i had my hands on it.
up till now i'm really happy here.

sometimes i feel damn hardworking.. like yesterday night.
gotta rush out a SOP and i stayed till 11.30pm and come in at 7am this morning.

and now my eyes hurt from the long hours of wearing lenses ..
wore my glasses and my colleagues were like
"omg . you wearing glasses.."
"omg . u look nicer with glasses"
"aiyah u wear or don't wear also not nice la"
"oi .. she wear glasses not bad what .. ok what"

like that lor... i bth liao so change to glasses lor ..
if not kill me i also dun wana wear my toot toot la ...

ah .. anyways .. stay tune for short photo updates coming soon ..
not sure when but .. wait till i'm free enough bah~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today is mouldy day ... Mouldy, not moody.

I feel so unproductive since yesterday evening.
I feel like i'm already growing mushrooms on me.

How to talk stuff when my boss is so busy.
He seriously has got no time for anything other than his laptop.

whine la .. whine somemore ... :(

Monday, June 14, 2010


No I don't feel like going lunch with him anymore.
I don't want to wait for him to tell me if he's going lunch with me.

Papa cooked chicken rice !
and also packed a bottle of birdnest for desserts ..
shiokadeee ~

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blogs are like NYNY 8" burger.

It's not like I've got tons of stuff to talk about.
Neither do I have trillions of photos to upload.

None of these.

Trust me, I've nothing to talk about either.

I may be the most un-interesting person.
But I have someone other may not have.
I have my 3 bestiest friends and my baby.

Anyways. I seriously need to catch up with them.
Met up with b&b once for short dinner after bi went serve the nation.
And now he's botak.

Wei's too busy with work :(

Now I have a new life too.
Thou there's a lil complains here and there, I'm still happy with it.
And I can't wait for my new house.
I can't do much reno.
But I can choose whatever in my room.

Ben Ng is coming to help me with painting too.
Ben has got a new place too.
And tht would mean.
I have a place to stay when ever I'm in jb.
And more fabulous soup !!

Can't wait. Should prolly br heading over mid of July.
Gotta get him to buy stuff at ikea.

Yeyy shopping time.

But gonna just stay home for the time being till month end.
No movies.
No going out.
And gonna pack my own food for lunch to save. :(

Things are gonna get better as time goes.

P.S. He's my motivation.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I need new shoes for work.

And i came across these pretty shoes. from the major brands.

I want a pair of Christian Louboutin...

I suppose this makes a very good wedding shoe ~

Now .. look below ..
This is pretty..

I soooo sooooo sooooooo want this .. Classic eh ..
No money lar ~ :(

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just me.

Haven't been updating my bloggie for sometime.
Everyday is just work, either that I'ld be catching up with sleep over the weekends.
Sometimes I spent my precious hours with wei wei.

Oh and we baked cookies, pineapple tart and muffins..
the pineapple tart were good.. my parents even ask to have them baked during new year.
and those were made by xiao wei.

we bought the instant cookie mix and it was really lousy ..
they don't come out looking like the picture printed.
Was it because i added 1 more egg instead of following instructions? I don't know, seriously.

we made 4 muffins .. it was just added water to the pre-mixes .. so simple..
i took 2 home .. and before i could even try it.
mum and dad have it all by themselves ..TYVM la~

ok some photos taken along the process..
couldn't take more due to oily hands ..

see my heart shape cookie ...
turns out to be round and flat anyway.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Haven't been blogging or some time.
Not an actual post thou.
Thou my job was kinda relax but sometimes I really have a tiny pile of
admin stuff to take care of.
I actually love my job.
I like the Fort now. But I don't know about the future.

I took leave yesterday to go for the first appt at tpy.
And I sold myself to hdb for the next 30 years.
Went to get my hair done ytd noon. Like finally.
So much fun at karen's place.
Getting my hair cut end of the month.
Wait till my pay is credited.
New clothes too.

Will be going to wei's place to pass her mixer to make pineapple tarts.
Yeyy meeting xw again.