Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mummy is best

Mummy is back!
So happy.
Talk so much ~ for about 3-4 hrs

Oh and mum has got an apartment there.
And a chauffer~
hmm meals and accomodation all provided for

All sounds so interesting~
And I'll be flying there in August !
Mum expects me to stay with her for 2 months.
Hmm ~ prolly I'll make 2 trips in the 2 months.
Omg omg can't wait manz.
I'll chop chop finish my assignment in July and poofffff ~ off I go.

Told mum to give me 700 bucks to get a new apple-brand toy.
She says she'll pay the full amount !
So shiok.
But I'm so in need of a lappie for a new job.
Argh~ 1 more month to get my "Apple"

I'm happy my "suffering" will be gone soon ~
I'll soon be loving myself and my life all over again.
For the past one year. All memories will be deleted off.
Say goodbye to all sucky !

Happy today? At least up till now

Mummy is coming home tonight !
Should I whip up meal?
But I'm sure she will be full after the inflight meal.

Hmm but anyways.
Just gotta play by ear

I'm glad to hear that he has recovered from his cough
Finally putting down my worries
Just reach home ~
Gotten my camera ~
But left my charger on the stupid cab !
Grrrr sian sia.

Can't charge my camera now~
chat with my "sista" for a while.
And headed home.
Walked from lor ahsoo till Hg ave 2 den took a cab back.
Chatted with gf while walking.

So angry with some backstabber lor
kNn. Those bird words !

My gf more angry Than me!
Really lor. Dunno why so many rubbish pple.
The thing she say is really anyhow manz~

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Me again~

Heading towards Xiao wei's side now.
Met her ytd.
But forgets to take the camera from her

I'm so blissed to have a friend like her.

Anyways, I did my hair masque treatment just~
Blow dried my hair.
Feel uberly soft n supple~
smooth and bouncy~

My hair smells so nice ~
After trying out so many brands.
I still think Asience fits me best ~

Lols Ive so much rantings~
Day 3~

I don't know what to write
But just feel like posting something~

Was out running some errands
Went to office to get mum's membership renewed
But that redundent in charge gave me a stupid arrogant attitude.
Argh~ whatever manz

Anyways I can't be bothered with her.
I'm going to see Xiao wei again tonight.
Not sure if Mr. N is going or not.
Seems like he hasn't finish work yet.

Oh and I bought new conditioner and facial scrub today~
And not not forgetting my hair masque
gotta start making skin n hair back in shape

My hair is chui now.
Super sian~
I want to faster get money and get my wants and needs

Mum's coming back tmr !
I'm gonna be a guai Kia and stay home tmr!
I think I got lots to talk to mum about ~

I'm starting to picture my shopping spree liao~
I dun wish to be sober.
Makes me think of what's been going on.
Work, life and me.

Why bother wondering n wondering.
It's about 3am.

I need to stand firm on what I've decided
Don't call means don't call.
Don't wish to think means don't wish to think.

I am me !

Time to do some self reflections.
1Enough said.

P.S. Gossipers. Fuck off. Stop making stories up outta my post.
This has got nothing to do with anyone.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I want to watch transformer so much ~
But seems like evryone on earth has alr watch it~

I wan to moobie la~
I want I want !!!

No more moobie khakis Liao ~ :(

Pondering and Wondering

I've got so much photos to upload to my blog.
Haven been uploading cuz I've yet to get my new lappy.
Which u hope it'll come by prolly end of July.

After numerous attempts of persuation from couple of friends,
I'm very close to getting a MacBook.

Just sometime before getting my new apple product,
I've downloaded a new blogging app for my phone.
It was on discount.
So I got it on a cheaper price.
It's the full version of what I've been using previously.
And now, with the full version,
I can upload photos too
Which means it pretty blog will once again be filled with photos.

And and ~ we (gf, Nelson and me) went mustafa about a week back.
And other than the apple condom we found the other time we visited.
We also found a few more apple products.
Which got me all so excited~
Most importantly, we found this FujiApple juice in Msia Giant.

P.S. I don't know why my photo turns out so big in the blog~
And I just realize my stupid blogging app can only add 1 photo in each post.

Okies~ anyways.
I've been drinking and to mambo couple of times.
Doubt so I'll be going again anytime soon.
I'll try to upload my pretty photos soon when I figure out how to go about posting photos

Thursday, June 25, 2009

最美丽的时刻 不是写在记事本里,也不是化为照片—而是永远放在心里、那最深处的地方。

属于 我们的片刻回忆, 谁也抢不走。

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

i'm so so so ~
hmm ..
i cant really explain how i feel~~
hmm .. prolly is my eye irritation ~
my right eye feels so dryie~

my phone is like damn bored~
i've got no msges nor phone call coming in~
which makes me feel bored too~

P.S. Cormamin lindua ele lle, A'maelamin


another night out.
at my gf's place.
another mambo practice.

i was in super good mood ytd lehs ..
went shopping with gf at bugis st.

i wana buy a sundress for sentosa !
i wana buy a new chio dress~

i want that forever 21 dress!
i want a mac book!
i want PH holiday in Aug!

anyways .. walk for quite a while before gf decides to wear the blue dress that she has.
met up with nelson ..
cont walking arnd in bugis junction before we settle down for dinner.
i've gotten omelette udon at MOF.

oh .. met yong feng and head to arab street
not for shisha~

had a drink and chat a lil~
went for rounding to jurong and back to orchard
then head home after a packet of apple juice~


P.S. i miss my precious

Saturday, June 20, 2009

His Precious Princess Daphne

Guess what !
I'm washing my own clothes,
Hang them out to dry,
Fold then when they're dry.
Revamp my wardrobe.

Surprising eh.

Folding them one by one again seems like I'm having thousands of clothes.

Mum will be uber happy to see my neat n tidy wardrobe that she has been haunting me months after months to pack them up.

Finally mum called me this morning,
Updating me with her local number in PH.

Oh. Hmm. Let's start from ytd night.
Was at furball's office with Nelson and belle gf.
Taking a look and trying on his new sofa. (as I mention in the previous post)

Head home quite early.
Well. Tts all for ytd.

And then. For today.
Met gf for her mambo dance off discussion/practice at fish's place.
That Alan la. Keep dance wrong
So farrni~
Esp the part "tgt forever"~
Always using his fave moves.

I also learn abit lehs.
My gf. Sibei good hor.

Ended about 1am.
Next, I become delivery girl.
Dabao big mac for my greedy furball.

See la.
Who ask him to finish one whole jar of cookies in one day.
Now sore throat and keep coughing still.

Still keep wanting to eat macs.
Finish the fries somemore.
Still dare tell me the sore will run away because fries are bad for sore throat.

Ah. Finish alr start to cough.
See la.
Give me ya-ya face somemore
My bad, buy him macs.
Argh. Blame me if it gets worse.
But hopefully not.

And looking forward to tmr's uber short road trip with Nelson.
Going to JB lo~~

Hmmm. Gonna shop or some groceries tmr.
And now. Must think of what to prep.
Get my prepaid card ready for roaming
Erm~ tissues !
Water bottle
Clear the car~

I'm stoning~!
Will start the packing tmr morning.

Note to myself: pls rmb to run the errand for mum. The $$ ~!

Friday, June 19, 2009

it's here.. on thursday
finally ...
we bought green cushions to go along with the dark grey sofa too ..
all swedish stuffs ...
atas hor .. wahhaa
but he never say he happy leh !
kns ..
si kumar ! happy or not .. wahhaha
u better be .. if not i chop u ahh ...
wahhah ...
poor guys .. he's sick ..
sick den go home rest la ..
gei kiang ..
better get well after the box of strepsils hor ..
God bless his throat ~!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fake busy

Ive so much places to go today.
Which I'm suppose to be ytd.
Lazy me.

First I'm gg to TTSH to sign something and wait for a week before I can get paid.
Next, head to TPY to get my ocbc acc fixed.
And then to Electrolux.
Take a bus, head down to Coronation Rd to do some delivery.

After that. It should be about evening alr
Home I go~~

Mum went overseas ytd.
Her new consultant job for her previous co.
Hmm when mum went off ytd morning.
Dad went indon too~
Good lor.
All never give me money before they leave.
Damn broke.

Those stupid co la.
Always like to drag pple's pay.
Damn sian.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i miss him.

ytd night. tonight. almost every night alr
picking my drinking skill back

drank half a btl of scotch whisky ytd with gf but was more sober than ever

tonight we aim for a 500ml 18yr chivas regal.
cool right..

met up with yongtai today at spinelli's with gf
planned to steamboat with nelson

so we head down to bugis with YT.
met nelson at "tan kuai lan st"
but kena pangseh by YT halfway.
so in the end he didnt join us for steamie tonight.

the 3 of us chatted for a long long time before heading back to gf's place for PART 2 of drinking.

P.S. Nel, ty for being my "taxi uncle". :p faster chut chia ~den we can fly up north..hahah
P.P.S continue getting wasted~~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Things will get better.
I'm contented with what it is now.
I don't know how long more I can feel like this.
But I pray all's well with him.

I wish my heart's made of steel too.
Should go for some operation to sew up my tear hole.

I'm all excited about the surprise I'm gonna give him.
A delayed promise.

But I don't know if he'll be happy or not.
I wish he'ld.
I really hoped so.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why do this to me? =(
dont know if i did the right thing ~
sometimes it feels so wrong~

felt a cut today~
i felt it ~
hope i'm able to stand up strong this time round.

haix.. wasnt suppose to be like this~~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i feel so dead at work today~
slept at about 4 plus~ so sleepy~

went shopping with belle ytd.. bought a beautiful ultra short halterneck dress...
orig price at 49.90. but got it for only 18 bucks

cheap cans.
yey.. so happy..
so i'm gonna wear it for wed mambo..
hmm.. but its crazily short.
prolly i shall drink some before heading over?

went out for coffee with nelson belle and glenn
kopi and chit chat.
ended about 1 plus

i'm so... i'm lost.
I dont know what i can do now.
I dont know if i did the right thing.
but i seriously doubt so.

but how?
i prolly am gonna jeopardise it again.
so wrong. everything is so wrong.
i feel so guilty.
i don't know how am i gonna face him~

i'm so up n down .. left n right now.
someone give me a direction please~

i'm missing him...~~

i dislike tired men


btw .. nel's ict ending today~
he happy liao la ..
i also happy~
cuz he can acc me for lunchie sometimes liao~

i wana go watch moobie~~~~~
when is my next moobie date?