Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Recently i found some photos that are growing webs .. Thus, i decide to blog some of them.

These are photos taken on next day after the cruise event. Which is like. erm. On a saturday, after going for my bahasa indonesia class with xiao wei, i ask xiao wei and mum to accompany me to the club 21 Bazaar sale at Hilton Hotel.
And the sale was like OMG.there's Club 21.. Dolce & Gabbana and Donna Karen ...
Most items were like 90% discount!!!
Most were clothes.. and shoes. but not much acessories. So i didn't get anything from there.

Then, as we were walking, they saw that big big ZARA shop. Which usually none of my clothes came from. They spent like hours in the store. and mum bought a flare top and a white pants. Which cost like about a hundred plus. After shopping we went to 鼎太豐 for makan. Cost like about 60 plus bah... couldn't quite remember le.. Somthing i really really must recommend.
Its the yam dumpling 芋泥小笼包. its really nice. Mum paid with citibank credit card and so we got it for free.

my fave : Pork steak with fried rice 猪排炒饭

Dessert: Mango sago

Dessert: Green tea pudding and red beans

Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's La SENZA time again, and greaat deals again.
Thus, forcing the poor lildo xiao wei to go with me.. yahha.
This time, it's 30% off everything in store, and since we share that membership card, i ought to ask her along, right?? It was like so packed. I mean 95% ladies searching for their bra size and designs of thei undies in store; but there was like u know.. that 5% men standing in the corner of the store looking quite awkard. Words were written on there faces like :
Erm .. why me? its the ladies affair..
OMG !! what a girlfriend; can u hurry up!!
LOLx .. its that kinda scene.. and some, they girls turn to the bf and say: 'what do you think about this, baby'. Ewuk .. it disgust me .. lols .. no offence yeah ..but as for me; i wouldn't want to bring him into such shops and make him look like he doesn't belong there.. ahha ... but anyway, there were some new designs like bra design for halter neck but that push-up half cup type.
Back to topic; I wanted to get some undies; so me andwei shared the quantity. But as we were q- ing, the shop actually became quite stuffy; maybe its because of the spotlight and the amount of people in the shop. It cost like $40 for 5 undies but after a 30% disc = $28, so divided by 5 its like $5.60 per cotton undies. Great deal yah. But stop q-ing halfway, all because or the unbearable heat and the slowness of the cashiers. We queued for like half an hour but only five people had done their payment. Nvm; since we've got the prestige card and some vouchers on hand, we could get it another time.
Oh ya, by the way, the refreshment there was like hmm .. chocolate biscuits. u know, not the normal type, i'm not sure what is it called but its biscuits on the below, rich choco topping in the middle and another biscuit on top. Whatever it is. They also serve drinks like passionfruit with soda. That really realllliiii nice!! i swear. Then soon after, we got out of the shop.Must write feedbank to them. Hope that they'll improbve by getting a bigger location the next time .. lolx ..
This afternoon i saw sheena when i was going to get some food from my block's coffee shop. She's at the provision shop. So i went up to hug her. Then, she slowly turn around and said.
“Eh .. wad u doing here ah.. haha .. so long nv see u"
Then the uncle said .. " wah lucky i siam fast fast ah .. if not pple tot is i touch her ah.."
Then i was like .. hahahahhaa .. so funny.
Anywa, me and sheena had lunch together at the coffee shop.. We talk like heaven and earth.. Then finally we made plans for our new business which we have talk for years. Immediately after food, we went up to my place and get those stuffs.. Bring over to her place(she stay opposite my blk), we took pictures of the stuffs we had and started our blog..
She's so cute lo .. she did trial and error .. den made a mess .. our eyes are like popping out after trying to read the html codes.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ms Dear Daphne - the forgetful.
I tried to cook noodles again ..and great. congrats to my goldfish memory which only last 3 seconds. I burnt my pot again. The first time ..when things are burnt, it turns black and there's this black flacky coatingbloated up and peel off. But when i burnt it the second time. the black flacky coating came off and it turns white .. i was like .OOooO. whatever was that. But this time, i only left the pot there for about half an hour. so it wasn't still so bad.. Anyway, i'm going to the library to do some research for my macau trip.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tiffany's or Cartier's

i've made a reservation for this!! (look below)

But not in gold, platinum instead। *that's sad*


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dated 19 April 2008
Location: Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
This time, went to cruise with Marcus, JJ also known as PG, George and K.L
We meet up in school then went together. But as PG go back home to get his passport, so me;george and marcus went to marine parade to shop for a while before meeting k.L and PG @ the ferry terminal.
We took the last ferry @ about 8pm to Sebana, then change boat to reach Royale Star.
Smoker !!

Whilst waiting
I forced them to take this pixx ..
Boat tixx
**Royale Star
Jason getting cruise room from junket ..
K.L ;Me ;Problem Gambler
Gamble till 7am the next morning..
Drop Dead tired!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

i'm escited about tomorrow's trip-with George, JJ, MArcus and K.L

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Me and Brian**blinkss*
Brian's daddy & mummy.
टीhey came all the way from Idaho and they are flying to vietnam tomorrow.

MsDaphne and Shareen .. she's the best ..**winkss*

Penned by MsDaphne-; 1:24:00 AM


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Had dinner at dhoby exchange just now with my babes.. ben ben .. Mr long & Bear.

Bear & Daphne

Disgusting ass....


he dirtied the freaking receipt...

why do all of them have to look retard at times??

Retards in MRT

The man-man ah Qiang *lolx*

gotta rush home & get my income tax thingy for long's mum help..!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008

Haagen-Dasz @ vivocity

Its a rainie thursday evening.

& that makes me and Ben had to stay in school till the rain gets smaller before heading to vivocity meeting with xiao wei. She will be knocking off about 8 plus or so ... Since we had to wait and nothing to do, we went for dinner @ Carl's Jr. and me share a portabello mushroom burger meal. it cost like about 14 bucks.
After dinner, ben's lappie needs some repair .. then we set off to challenger .. he like change his 40 gb to a 120gb .. which cost about 100++++.Indeed a Maybank.
Soon, xiao wei came to join us. she was saying like .. "aiyo say so earlier got people accompany u ma. den i no need come out so early le. can finish work in office 1st"
dots .. u come out le den ask sia .. haha ..
hais .. so tempted to buy hard disk .. but cost like 159 SGD !!
no money ah .. broke liao lar .. my flyer dun wan gimme pay leh .. how huh??

The other half--
Half of my mushroom burger

@ Challenge upgrading Ben's lao kok kok lappie
After finishing business at challenger .. *OO,* dessert time !!
my all time fav: Haagen-Dasz ice cream .. Excellent waffle. Excellent ice cream.
blah blah blah blahh ..... hhhh blahhh ..
*after dessert*
*go back get the lao kok kok lappie*
*went home after that*
*its already 10.30pm*
Waffle Dream -- Vanilla & Rum 'n' Rasins *Superb**

Only Häagen-Dazs & me in my eyes
I'm in love with my SONY T200

*Tiramisu--cookies&cream--strawberry cheesecake***winks*

**Escited* lolx

Cam-whore @ Häagen-Dazs
Pretty: Ms Xiao Wei


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

好期待六月的澳门之旅。我有阿ben 当我的私人导游。真好!(是我逼他的!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

i am so reluctant to go work today .. so tiring .. i tried to cook instant noodles, i burnt my pot. i was boiling the water.. and i forgot all about it then i left it there for an hour. the pot dries up and the pot was like overburnt ... duhh .. wonder how am i gonna tell my mum about it later ...
will be working at 4pm later .. but so lazy to go . sometimes regret of getting a job .. but i must persevere. all for my macau trip this june.