Monday, July 26, 2010

Just a few minutes ago, i flipped thru my photos.
And all that is my favourite, i realized, you were in it too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Long Awaited Dim Sum buffet.

Lotsa baby photos.. BEWARE the overdosage of cuteness.
Had lunch at Tung Lok East Coast with family.
To celebrate birthday for my mummy and sil.

Sitting like big boss ~

Baby loves making funny faces, just like my bro.

my brother sneakishly trying to da bao the buns home ..
in the end... the manager still dabao more stuff for us la~
tsk .. all sneakish ...

mang guo xi mi lu~ shiokness~

P.S. photos will be updated till i get the other half from xiao wei !
P.S.S More photos coming up on my LUNCH@EQUINOX with love~

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21st July 2010 - Yeyyness !

Yeyyness x1 - chupa filling mcdonald's big breakfast deluxe.

Yeyyness x2 - Bossy bringing me for lunch next week at marine parade. To buy KOI !

Yeyyness x3 - Tiny photoshoot going on tomorrow in office. Gonna flaunt my "half pail water" photography skills.

Yeyyness x4 - Boosy gave his approval for buying toaster and maybe even over if it's a good deal.

Yeyyness x5 - Don't know when, but bossy and i will definitely make a trip down to ikea one of these days to get barangs.

yeyyness major

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some conversations

Tossed and turned in the bed for like 2 hours before getting up to prep.
and suddenly i just feel the urge to blog about a conversation between me and bossy.

An uber short one thou.

was talking to bossy yesterday night ......
blah blah blah about work ...
and then about colleagues...
then he ask.. " so are you enjoying your boss ?"
me: hmmm ? *shakes head*
bossy: why not? i let u do like almost anything and everything you want..
me: true ... but ... hmm ...
bossy: u got alot of freedom leh.
me: ehhhh true la .. hmmmmmm.... aiyah idk la~

seriously, come to think of it, he is prolly the best bossy i'll ever work with in my life thou.
my cherish the time i'm here.

i know my post is like super random.
but maybe one day when i read back my blog, it'll be chupa funny.

i should start updating my blog with my office life.
remember the stupid bird incident?
can't remember who .. but i told someone about it and he was like ... " wah .. ur office life damn drama hor .. almost everyday got things happen .."
hahaha ..
i love my fort~

The lil things that makes me happy

Remember some time ago, i saved 5 lil kittens from the big big rubbish container.
bossy and Joejoe went to get the people from level 4 to dispose their rubbish and unexpectedly found kitties meowing in the big big rubbish container.
Came back in the office and told me there were 3 kitties.

And i was like ... " KITTIES !! REALLY ?? DID U SAVE THEM? OMG .. WHERE??"
then they said .. " no .. it's in the rubbish container.. u go save lor "

the sibei excited me .. " really ?! bossy can i go save them? really ? i can?! joejoe .. come with me leh ... why u all so heartless one .. humpf ~"

then i went alone.

climbed up the container. almost got 1 .. but i think it's scared so it hid under the palette again.
went back to the office and got some milk .. climb up again ..but still coldn't lure them out.
then ... bossy came out .. look at me and went back it ..
then .... lotsa pple came out to look ~!
tsk ... dunno how to come and help lor ...
then joejoe and don come over to look see ...

joe came up first.., help me moved a few chairs .. then don came up to help too ...
after moving all the wooden palettes
finally got the lil kitties out one by one ..
and there were like 5 of them !

Bossy says i can keep one .. so damn happy can.

then after some hoohaa ~ we left the kitties in a box for the mummy mao mao to come back for them.
she came back and took only 1 baby away.
it was getting late .. fed them a lil and left them under the shelter.

i was praying so hard i could keep the lil one ..
but mummy mao mao took them away during the night.

they want to name this noisy one after me.

this lil kitty here looks like a leopard cub .. cuteness

Lil blue eye creature melts my heart.

I have never been a cat person, my life revolves around doggies.
To me, doggies can be cuddle, giving tight tight hugs and to wrestle with, and at the end of the day they'll still be happy after a big WWF with you.
But these 5 kitties, also known as "our" babies, we hope they grown up healthily.

now i wish we have a kitty in the office.

P.S. Max photography skill - FAIL.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

sti:pud BIRDS !

i megachupa HATE BIRDS.

neh neh.

bossy trying to save the injured bird,
and i got attacked instead.
major FML.

damn chupa suay right.


then i sobbed, i got traumatize by the stupid niao can.!
grahh ...
tao yan la ~

so hungry now i'm starting to munch on almond cookies.
told xiao wei the story, then she said.
"haha.. good what .. not everyone have the chance of being attacked by birds when growing up"
-.-" which part of me looks like i want birds attack to be part of my life..

Actually the peck is not painful.. it's the idea of it that is scary..!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Everyone is $200 richer except for me.

people around me are saying that, gahment give money, they'll take it back in no time.
well. they did.
i haven't even see the money yet and it's gonee.
hijacked by IRAS ..
damn sian.

ptui ~