Monday, November 30, 2009


It feels so exciting.
The first time i ran away from you.
But it wasn't away.
It was every minute closer.

I'ld be lying if i didn't wish to see you;
and I'ld be lying if i said i didn't catch a glimpse of you.

but i got to go.

ninth. is all that is on my mind.
i'm gonna have a wish come true.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm pretty.

I Think I'm PRETTY
so what if people say i don't; i can't be bothered.
i'm born unique.
And i'm obviously better than someone out there who doesn't have the guts to show her face.
Ikea live model
Nelson, The Mega.
Camwhoring before the movie

my love~
Waraku @ Marina Square
Ice cream is love
my Lasenza reciept is as long as the big paper back.
3 bras and 7 undies, belle's nightie, and connie's undie.
mounts up to this amount.
total bill after discount.
our indon dinner

At Spizza

Finally a great smile.

Trying to be artsy-fartsy

I Hearts Celebration... Dependings.

damn unglam but i don't care. cause i've got my lovely around to share my unglam-ness.

Although the barbecue at nelson's place was cancelled,
we spend a whooping awesome time having steamboat at our usual place.

had like tons of meat and prawns.
Connie flew A380 that day.

oh and i bought apple strudel too.
but i think we forgot all about it.

decided to drink at his place afterwards.
but we only had like 2 cups.
and headed home about 5am.

slept till about 4 in the noon.

out again for dinner with *youknowwho*
dinner at spizza and went to dempsey right after.

Quarubar. That's where we went.
met up with Nel's friend whom he said he might be my biological brother;
since we share the same surname.
and his name starts with D too.

and here come the champagne.
and the single malt.
bought each of us(i meant the 3 of us) a glass of my love; lycheetini.
oh and i missed out one very important detail.
that is the cake !
*chant* the cake the cake the cake
yes recently i'm very excited about cakes .. hiak hiak hiak ~
and they, i guessed it's Mr Teo, bought nelson a ben and jerry's ice cream cake.
awww... so blissed~

and i want BJ ice cream cake too~

there was this girl.
by the name of Karen.
she's cute lar.
she just kept trying to make nelson drink.
ahh it's like once in a blue moon~

Mr Teo suggested Neverland.
was a lil reluctant to carry on drinking at another place.
but in the end i never regret going.
it was fun ! really fun.
Mr Teo ordered a bottle of JackDaniel.
it was sucky but we still dranked it.
damn alcoholics.
why didn't i regret going?
because.. i saw my favourite Dbl O bouncer there.
belle spotted him first and I look at them.
He smile back. Then i was like !! Hell OMG !!
it's him .. i jumped and hug him !
he's still so cute.
it's been a long time i haven't seen him.

so happy to see him around.

we ended the session about 5am.
headed back to Dempsey to pick up the car.
and i tried driving his car.
it stalled like millions of times.
but i guess i'm somehow a lil gifted.
i did drive for a short distance.
very short. maybe a few metres i guess. haha.
and i did a lil reversing.

we then did breakfast together at macs before he drove me home.

Home sweet Home.

and i was telling him,
we spent the first minute and the last minute of his birthday with him.
don't he feel very loved from us?
he better remember this day for life.

i wish someone did the same for me too.

P.S. I try to fill in as much details. I don't want my memories to fade away.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Love me when i'm here

Good or Bad. I call the shots !

Started the day beautifully.
well, at least kinda.

went tanning at sentosa with my darlings.
well, by now you should know who are they right .
Mr N and Ms A.

there's also a couple of other friends.
other than cynthia and wenzi, the rest are like meeting up for the first time.

planning for a fabulous tan result for tonight ..
for the sexy purpley baby-doll top I've decided to wear for dinner.

oh yeap. i stayed over at Ms A's place yesterday night.
with connie around.
love the girls.

tried dozing of intentionally but always being caught by the girls.
till finally connie had to wash up and head off for church.
finally i get some sleep.
but my dear girl, stayed up and gave morning calls and pillow slam ...

oh and just before we slept..
we had mac breakie.
i love mac breakie.. Sausage muffin with egg meal. sedap.
and i puke half a hashbrown and some lemon tea out.
sucky.. ewwk

anyways ..
Mr N drove me home to get changed and stuff for sentosa.
we then speed our way down.

I've got a nice tan. but i think i may be; somehow a lil sun burnt.
chest are feels a lil warmer than the usual temp, and hurts a lil when i scratch it.
i think i'm a prawn

anyways, i was suppose to dine at Equinox for dinner.
and i actually had a lil plan to catch a movie after dinner.

but everything's just... ok fine, i didn't get Equinox dinner.
i didn't get movie.
i didn't get to see him.
i didn't get a lil hug.

was feeling terrible when he said he couldn't make it.
though i understand he had to be there for his friend.
if it was me i would have done the same.

terrible because i've been acticipating tonight for more than a week.
naturally i felt like, really disappointed.
but whatever it is, just hope that the friend would be fine.

God has it all planned for us, isn't it? we just have to believe in him right.

only thing that emotions came gushing out from nowhere for that half a min.
but picked myself up.
have been telling my darlings not to gatecrash me for tonight.
but in the end, it was me gatecrashing them.

we had dinner in a lil nice cozy place at wassex estate.
it was a breezy night.
my atas dinner turned into a funnily romantic one.

but i still had my share of ice cream.
everytime i had nice ice cream is always for a reason.

ice cream makes me think of my birthday.
who's gonna give me a surprise?
who's gonna celebrate with me?
who's gonna buy me a slice of cake with a lighted candle?
who's gonna give me a bear hug at 12mn?
who's gonna be the first to wish me?

who's gonna put in the effort to make my 21st birthday a happy one for me?

how am i gonna celebrate it?
as usual. drink till i drunk.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


sometimes the most awesome times is to have a good chat with friends.

as always. i don't have a poker face.
ain't good at hiding my emotions.

bloggie, have been talking to u much recently.
many times a day.

u've been quite entertained by me isn't it.

guess what.
i'm in the roads again.
jammed in the highway.

scv. got suspended again.
seems like starhub isn't working to get my tav back after i've paid a hefty sum of $200 buck . :x

anyways. i should be back talking to my dear friend on board...

Bus 55

pink is the colour for today.
seems like the rain never stopped.
so i thought "maybe it's a good time to wear my boots"

and now, sitting in bus 55.
bit by bit, i'm getting closer to my first destination.
during my bus ride alone, i almost, never failed, to put on my earphones.
but whether there's music or not, is aways a question to be answered when i get off the ride.
my bad habit.

i love bus ride. especially during rainy days.
bus rides that not many people are on the same ride as me;
i get to sit my favorite seat which has a hump beneath my foot on the right;

so i can have an affair with my thoughts.

can i ask the rain; more rain?

i'm now passing this lil neighborhood.
the same question invades my mind.
almost 8 years.
almost there.
8 years apart.

you know i'll never be stopping at the same bus stop ever again.
so why do you have to try your luck in the most reluctant way.

whilst typing i've actually moved quite a few metres forward.
now. this is the stop that i want to be alighting for the rest of my life.
really i do.
but maybe i'll never have a chance to.

getting down soon.

sometimes i wonder..
after meeting each other constantly almost everyday..
will we actually get bored of each other?

wine or whine

visited my bro and sil and lil nattie.
she's so cute and hyper.
for the first time i carried her for so long.
sometimes old people are just so afraid of me carrying my lil niece.
but she actually felt comfy and fell asleep in my arms for a while.
well. she slept and woke up for a while...slept and woke up again..

bro drove to FEP. she was in my arms all the way there.
so sweet. and she kinda snored for a few seconds.
then sil drove me home after FEP.


just have my portion of supper at bukit timah with youknowwho.
not really just .. but like about an hr ago.
been back home. started to bling my thumbdrive again.
my other thumbdrive.
ok .. front and back done. waiting for it to set and tmr night i'm gonna do the 3 small lil sides...
so happy with my blings.

anyways. why this topic.

because i've ran out of wine at home.
i'm not an alcoholic. but just feel like drinking wine now and then.
not really frequent thou.


there was this Leonids Meteor Shower last night.
i wonder if he gets to watch it over there.

Remember the last time i saw shooting star which is also my first was with him.
So lucky.

if he's in town i would have kidnapped him to watch with me.
too bad he isn't
it's always interesting to hear him talk about astrology and stars..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


feel like eating laksa hmm ~~~~

ok going off to see my lil nattie

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


yet again, swimming at nelson's place is always a luxury.

camp over at gf's place ytd night.
suppose to wake up early and meet nelson for breakfast by the pool.
but. everyone overslept.

woke up about 12 plus.
got ready, went to grab some food then head to nel's place.

and i yelled upon reaching his place "very good sun indeed"
tann for a lil bit. swam for a lil. and tann a lil more.
and my skin tone did turn darker cause i could see my tann lines.

but i must say, tanning is still best at sentosa.
seems like the sun is stronger there eh.

oh yes, shan't drift off any further.
this post is about Holidays.
Festive season is just right at our door step.
and i believe it's already school holis now. (hey, mind you, i've been like outta school for years)

I haven't been to anywhere lately this year.
other than the bangkok trip early this year, there's the KL-Genting trip that's recent.
I was so looking forward to PH-HK-TW trip thou.
but all are postponed - till i don't know when.

But i'm leaving for PH in Jan2010
As long as xiao wei confirms with me the date she can take her leave.
I'll be flying her, again.

we may even be going on a short trip to KL just before PH.

so happening. can't wait to meet up with people again.
feeling so isolated recently.
shall go read a book.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm going for dinner on the 22nd.

to Er-hem, i remembered it !

and so i went to check out the menu and prices.

Super the duper expensive can.
i meant the Sunday brunch.

ok, for reference purposes, i'm gonna list out the time and prices~

Lunch Buffet (monday - saturday):
12pm - 2.30pm
Adults: $59++ Children: $29.50++ (6-12years)

Brunch (sunday):
11am - 2.30pm
Adults: $110++ or $128++ (with free flow champagne) Children: $55++ (6-12years)

Hi-Tea (everyday):
3.30pm - 5pm
Adult: $38++ or $52++ (with a glass of Champagne) Child: $19++ (6-12years)

6.30pm - 11pm
Look for prices in menu

i'm so happy. i'm gonna have dinner at Equinox.
And i swear i'm gonna take shitloads of photos...

that much for now.

I want this Balenciaga !

ok very well.
teddy flew again.
To Bali, this time round.
Best lor.
But anyway.. that's not the point.

Mum was back for about a week or so.
which also meant shopping time for me.

No, i did not buy bras again.

Yes, i bought a MAC concealer.
and omg, mac are fantastic. love 'em.

Yes, i bought a purple Adidas Polo Tee.

yes, i bought a badminton racket.

Yes, i bought a pair of kumar puma shoes.

and yes, i spent $100 at ikea.

that's not all.

mummy promised to buy me a loewe amazona !
FANTASTIC isn't it?
but i gotta wait till like next year.
Cause i'm gonna get it from the states and my aunt will be helping me to bring it back.
ok i love my mum ~

so i went online to research for the exact amazona that i want.
and i came across this blogsite.

and i was like mad crazy alr.
cause, i saw this Balenciaga bag !
which i wanted like ages ago.

and i'm actually looking for a toilette bag.
which i found 1 @HGbags..

Total awesomeness !

But it cost like $595 after a 18% discount.
and i suspect it's in USD.

crazily ex lor !
Yup and i copied the photo from HG Bags.
this is just what i want !
anyone buy this for me?

my birthday's coming !!!!

ok .. for now. i'm going back to look for my amazona~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

well deserved holiday

Fucking OMG can !
i'm such a genius that i deleted my long long entry about the genting trip.
wanted to cut the whole html thingy and upload all my photos first before pasting it back.
in the end. i retweet this tweet.. and so the new cut and paste actually overrides my whole bloody long entry.
Genius lor.

Pictures speaks more than words.

Being the lazy me.
I shall summarize lots.

Road trip starts on Friday night. 30th October 2009
Was feeling really lousy the whole day.
really bad.
and i'm suppose to actually pick up some barangs at Beach Road,
then head home to grab my luggies,
meet nelson and drop off my heels at xiao wei's.
That was the initial plan.

As i've said; "INITIAL"
But i concussed till late noon.
Rotted for a while before starting to pack my luggies.
which also means i have no time for barangs picking.
Cabbed down to Bt Batok around 7pm.
Met weiwei and passed her my heels for her Halloween party.

Went back to nel's place.
Picked up his luggies,
change of vehicle.
Picked up connie.

Planned to leave about 9.
But it was all delayed.
Procrastinate some more lor.
I think we reached the Sg custom about 10 or so.

Start to send my usual notifying message as the weather gets gloomy.
drizzle drizzle drizzle....

Stop by the first petrol kiosk to get the necessities.
Drinks and snacks and ciggies.

Here's where the speeding comes in.
Some part of the road is pretty bumpy.
Resulting us resembling playing bumper cars.
hilarious when i had to hug boobies. anyway. not the point.

being in the co-driver seat. naturally i had to look out for the driver.
thou i never doubted his skills.

we have been going pretty fast.
and our dear connie, chatted for a while with us and fell asleep shortly after.

HEAVY rain resulted in car accident along the way.
4~5 along NShighway.
It's always the case of 1 car skids and 3~5 cars behind were coming too fast and crashed onto the first.
Otw, we actually were in risk of crashing.
Thanks to nel's lightning speed response and me yelling "xiao xin~~!"
we are still safe and sound and happily enjoyed ourselves.

Alive and jumping; we reached the hotel about 3 plus in the morning.
Connie wanted to still rot arnd the lobby area.
But we tried to drain her energy by keeping her awake.
In the end, she still fell asleep along the last stretched of the journey;
which is also the most exciting part.
The ultimate winding and turning.

ok. Lets move on the the checking in;
in case it gets boring.

Checked in.
Room 7756.
Scorce for our room.
And when we finally could rest,
it's already 4 plus am.

Missed breakie.
Ate CKT and nel had cai tao kway.. lols .. also CKT.
for breakie at the bus station an escalator down FW Hotel.
waited to bus down KL.

Board the so called "LRT" at titiwangsar,
drop off at sungei wang.

1st thing.
i had to get my msia prepaid card topped up.
to report that i'm still alive and kicking.
next. we looked for a hair salon for a super the damn shiok hair wash.
while nelson decided to dye his hair again for the 2nd time in the month.

naturally i'm done faster than him.
walked arnd with connie.
but she didn't get stuff.

went to watsons to get body wash,
i ran out of mine at home la dey,
i didn't forget to bring can.
nel was done shortly after a lil bit for shopping,
located the money changer.
bought some accessories.
and faux lashes. super cheap lor.
and while walking out of the building ..
connie spotted this twin of nel's

spot the guy beside?
he also wore a white tee.. berms and sport shoe.

went to get my mummy's stuff.
and spent a bloody long time to get the stuff done.
they are really slow in processing; regardless is it paperwork or their brain.
spent like at least 2 hrs to get things done there.

walk to the nearest shopping mall.
which looks whooping new to me.
The Pavilion.

Almost went crazy when i saw this F21 logo outside the building.
Msia has got F21 ! freaking F21 mans !
Sprang right in..
went in to couple of shops; came out empty handed.

omg. and i terribly forgot about the chio undies i saw at La Senza.
ok i'm so gonna scorce for it this week.

my pleaded them to let F21 be my last stop before dinner.
Alrights and they agreed.
Mad happy can.
I got a dress, a really sexy purple top and a pink bangle for only less than/about $60 bucks.
Really a steal.
i wanted to buy more.
it's all because i forgot to draw cash out in sg to bring in for exchange.
spent like almost a thousand RM to get my mum's stuff.

i resorted to the last option.
i swiped mummy's card.
That was an emergency lor.
And getting 3 items at F21 for sgd60 is really a steal.
i had to get it !
and i'm happy with my loots.

dinner at this food court in Pavilion.
dear connie was so engross and fascinated with her choice of having cheecheongfun in her YTF.
and the proof was pictured
Spot it?

Went back to the hotel after dinner.
Took cabbie back and only cost us rm50
me and connie went for a lil walk arnd FW hotel's shoppign area.
Bought drinks and ciggies back.
while walking along. this lady gave connie a scented flower. promoting their purfumes
she then gave nelson this flower when we're back in the hotel room;
and happily cheated him that we spent rm50 on this thingy.
being the usual him, of cuz he suspected. but we insisted that we bought it.
eventually he believed us, i guess.

shortly after, we headed to genting hotel area.
some kinda pub to watch the liverpool match.
i think out initial plan was to watch the rovers match;
but they were only broadcasting the liverpool match.
ordered a bucket of beer.
and guess what.
they had this lil game during half time.
and they were giving out Liverpool face towel.

both me and connie lost the game.
again, pleaded nel to get it for me.
first 2 shots were bad.
the last, he won and i excitedly jumped and yelled. huged him!
so damn exciting and lucky guy. he was the last to play the game and won the prize.
2nd half starts seconds after !!

Went back to the hotel room and connie,
always the first to concuss.


Nelson and I woke up early the next day.
only waiting for sleep god aka koon sin to wake.

Gotten breakie at the Hotel's restaurant.
Nothing fantastic thou.
Went back to pick up lappie from the room.
2 iPhones and 1 macbook.
Twittering at Starbucks.

Our convo:

"I tweet le tweet le. Go see"


*sees tweet*

*press phone.. tying on lappy ~ replying tweets*

"tweet le tweet le"

"wait ah i go see"

suddenly, connie shouts "tweet le tweet le" and pokes nelson...

*me blurr and saw nelson jumped.*

connie: " when we tweet we must shout 'tweet le tweet le' and poke the person next to u k"

me: "tweet le tweet le" *pokes nelson* *sees nel jumps again*

nelson: "humpf" *moves his seat inches away"

after moments of silence.

nelson: " is our conversation all gonna be 'tweet le tweet le' *roll eye* .....

me and conn: " LOL "


After that we start comwhoring with my lappie.
i like my iPhoto booth.
Got lotsa effects.
and nel made me look bloated with the effects.
unglam can~

ok. stop looking my cleavs.

Nel, the kopitiam uncle.

Inital G-enting.
Took a shot of the GPS while driving down the mountain.
And home sweet home~