Friday, October 30, 2009

Time in A Bottle

have been bottling up everything recently.
or does it actually matter?
It does, when explosion occurs.
exploded like waterfall in a volcano.
Mr D gave me the most direct answers.
Answers that i have been running away from.
Answers i never want to acknowledge.

but, he told me to believe.
believing is the strongest weapon.
he's there. always listening to me.
thank God for giving me a friend like this.

you know what, bloggie.
i missed those times where i tell you my fantastic day out with so and so.
i missed those times where i show you my out of the world photos.
and my birthday.
i've yet to show you the photos from my 20th birthday right?
bloggie, i just have to believe right?
and everything will be fine?

i'm taking a break.
a break from everything.
it's been really tiring.
i'll be leaving tomorrow.

.. .-.. -.-- ...- .. -.-- --.- ..- ... - .. .-.. .-... - .... -.-- ..- -.-. --.-. ..- .-.-.--. ...- .. .... ..- .-. -. -- .. -.. . . .--.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good night world.

P.S. I've finally decided on my birthday !
I know what I want.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feeling terrible today.
Wana run away from everything.
Maybe I just want to be there to do your tie every morning.
Maybe I just needed a break.

Maybe it's all just maybe.

Stupid woman

i don't know why my blog server is down.
as usual. i've got to know what i shouldn't

really dampen my mood.
but i made connie to tell me jokes

i'm supposed to be sleeping by now,
maybe i'm already so used to late nights.

i'm so gonna die cock stand tmr.
it's the SMU bazaar.
but no one is avail to help me out.
best is, i've yet to pack my stationaries for tmr.

i went cycling along rangoon road today.
finally after a long long time.
i think the last time i cycled was with kumar, ben and bear.

actually, why am i holding on to something which i'm not sure what i'm holding on to.
omg. i hate this part of the story.
ok . skip.

i really thinks my chocolate hates my dad.
sometimes i think he hates me too.
when i'm home, he'll run to the back to piss.
but its always, half into the bathroom and other half outside.
and he's a destroyer. fantastically tear wrappers and left it lying somewhere in the middle of walkway.

guess i better get to sleep.

good night monkeys.

P.S. i miss you.

lastly, i wana share lyrics of the song i'm listening to, now.
打印预览 每段故事都有一篇剧情




Sunday, October 25, 2009

awww~ just given someone a morning call
he sound so madly cute can~

and i'm going for dinner + supper now.
alone lor ..

in the end also like tt.
who ask me so stupid to wait.

damn good lor .. my mobile bb died on me 3x in 5 mins.
and while typing this .. the 4th time. FUCK !

i'm now chewing over the fact that he's leaving planet singapore in the next few hours ..

aiya . i'm whiney now la . can?!
gwrahhh ! i wana eat human !
i'm now, 5.50am going down to buy food .

cont. when i'm back.

i ate char kway tiao, those economical type + wingies + egg +luncheon meat.
damn oily lor ..
but i'm now so sextifiedly drinking fruit tree fresh mango juice..

i've re-decided what to get for my online orders alr.
and my lashes are stuck in vpost USA now. they are so slow in processing invoice.
my first time with vpost.
i dunno mah.
tt webbie cant do international shipping for some products mah.
no choice~

im now waiting for that connie ong tur tle.
damn slow lor ..
cfm ur orders with me can~

ok i'm gonna be piggy.
full alr have to sleep.
gotta wake to send msg~
aww~ see i'm so sweet and thoughtful.
okok. enuff of self praising.

P.S. my damn dog pissed at the kitchen again for the 100000th million zillion time.

Good night you godzillas.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

going into hibernation when u are away

i was feeling happy ytd.
yes ytd meaning friday morning
but at the same time; upset.
just woke up smiling.
haven't feel like that for a long long time.
c****** ** ** ***e

ok .. i'm suppose to post pic-ies these long time back ...

i feel like eating meat !
i need red meat!
astons.. anyone?
actually i do have interest in churras too.
but you see, i'm going to the gym recently,
and i cant just eat so much meat ya know .. lols

i'm opening applications to " A date with Daphne"
anyone between 21-35 will be eligible.
do submit your applications asap to my email.

anyways ... i'm upset cuz cuz cuz ..
i'll miss my fave pillow.
away for days :(

i'm so freaking tired these days.

i shall not sideline too much ..

i'm so confused now. happy vs not happy.

but i gotta know that someone's stalking my blog.
well, i'm mad crazy can~

Thursday, October 22, 2009



Anyone wana join me in muaythai??


it's 1 free session of muaythai
and that's a grab !

cause they're giving a free REDKEN Goodie bag
and adidas discount vouchers~

aww~ so anyone anyone?
the session is for 1 hour~ 1 to 1 coaching~
it's that great?

it's this saturday !
24th October, between 11am - 5pm.

awww .. pretty pwease~
anyone go with me? hehe.

i think Ben will be with us too.
i mean i need to bring a guest, someone not a member from the gym,
otherwise i'ld have asked ben.

text me if you're interested, alrights?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

To those who missed me so much.

You lil buggers, missing me right~
i know i know, i've been missing for a year.
i know i know, my blog have been plain
and your eyes have been tired from reading those tiney-winey words right~
here are only some of my pretty face~
At YF's solemnization party

YF's wedding dinner

In Mr N's milo tin.

Somewhere, i forgot where.

So many bigass photo of mine, aren't you guys just feel so sextified?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm tired, Tired and still TIRED~

Another late night again.
Stayed over at gf's place last night.
Btw, we went for power nasi lemak before gg over to her place.
Plus that Connie.
She's suppose to join us for supps.
And yet she fell asleep.

Da Bao-ed 5 wingies back.
Shared with Lionel.

Just because that Connie had the whole place to herself,
I have no place to sleep,
So me and belle tv-ed till about 4 plus~

It's definately getting too tired for the both of us,
We then decided to share the bed tgt.

Continue to chat and also not forgetting to disturb Connie.
Slept about 6 plus
When the alarm rings at 8,
We woke to pillow fight that sleepywoodyhead.

Rolled over to the mattress,
Continue to pillow her and also falling asleep at the same time
Think she woke up when I fell asleep.
What a nice timing.

Had lunchie with Mr N today
And then took mrt to barry's place.
All the way from lakeside.
Was damn sleepy lar.

Did some work and discussed about the event with Ricky.

Anyways. Whatever it is. I just hope everything goes well.

Ate tad bit at home today.
Dad was uber happy.

Plus I'm gymming soon.
Like real soon.
With my darling ben and bear.
Met up with them last night.
For a short while.

Made our holiday plans for next year.
I was hoping to go somewhere I've never been before.
Talking about holis.
Winston, from my PT co.
He's going to Stockholm.
How great.

And I don't even get to go (youknowwhere)
So jealous.

Anyways. He's also gg on a trip.
Somewhere near.
So near yet so far.
But still wish he had a good trip.
Daphne just gotta stop dreaming he'll ever call back.
Fat hope darling.

Oh where was I?!
Oh yes. Gym.
Yes gymming all for my birthday.
And why would I bother.
Will anyone, someone bother to even turn up?
Sometimes I just think that it doesn't really matters.
Haven't I all along wish for a quite and beautiful birthday? * look there, the wish list -> *

Ok, nuff. Shooosh
I'm now on my way to meet nel for the second time of the day.
Oh I'm dressed in white again today.
White polo and white short.
Shall take photo and post when I'm home.

Thou I'm loving my iPhone,
I think I needa get it change.
Touch sceen something wrong at bottom of the screen.
So I gotta back up my phone again.

Alright. Nuff with all the typing.
My thummies are tired.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wine is another of my new love~

Lopez place is beautiful.
2 storey bungalow with a nice garden and a front porch with sitting area.

bought 2 bottles of french wine from Denise@Thomson.

Wine is love.
That guy in Denise gave me a 10 % discount.
That's so nice of him.

Then cab over to ThongSoonGreen ~ some ulu ulu place.
They're so friendly.
I felt so welcomed.

The tulang Mrs Lopez made was fantastic.
Yf and wife bbq the wingies while waiting for dinner to be ready.
And so we had wingies for appetizers.
For dinner, we had duck, chicken, mutton, tulang~
And there's this something like beef patty, but it's not wholly meat,
it has mashed potatoes, tuna, meat ..

dinner was really fantastic,
just a lil too spicy for me thou.

Uncle Phillip came after we all had our dinner.
Well, all i can say is like father like son.

We wanted to leave about 12,
but Lopez kept pulling uncle phillip back and made us stayed till 1am.
meanwhile, we had ktv sessions.
and Lopez made a few glasses of his own concoction for me.
But i was too ful from the wine to drink anymore others.

Met Trever at nearby my place for a drink.
Chatted for a long while.
And gotta to know that he has the same birth date as my mum.
4th July.
America's Independence Day.
Got to show him my lil nattie's photo.
Awww. she's such a darling to me.

Went home pretty late.
Concussed after that.

And now,
i'm gonna deliver some stuff to sengkang
And then to bugis for steamies with ladies,
but hopefully hopefully nelson can join us after his rovers match.

just as we were discussing about plans for steamie,
Connie is damn corny lar~
she told me this on msn.

connieee. says: (PM 08:40:40)
everything i say is sweet cos i eat too much sugar

alright gtg ~ ciao peeps

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lil Nattie

She's beautiful.
She's small.

She's a newborn.
She's love and faith.

She's Natalie
She's my niece~


It's crazy.
And another day gone in the wink of an eye.
Another couple of hours I'm gonna celebrate the birth of my niece.
I'm gonna be an aunt.
An authentic one.

She's gonna be beautiful.
Will be heading down to Mt Alvernia with dad.
Believe it or not.
This will be my first time cabbing with only dad and me in the car.
Yes. I've never taken cab with dad before.

Snoozing alr. Zzzz

Friday, October 16, 2009

you once said if i want to try to get reaction from you, you'll happily give it.
but where is it now?

Girl's night at Chillz plus neverending rants

Drink Drank and not Drunk.
out with connie and belle.
had fun and entertainment.

well, my rants are here.
not exactly rants thou.
just, i despise some idiots.

leopard can never change it's spot.
a sight at you makes me puke.
fake inside out.
well, you and her do make a pair.
equally fake.

i wonder what seyte can you come up with.
pui. now i say i despise you.
what are you without all the help.

我鄙视你 !

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another day~

Woke up feeling damn exhausted.
Dad has been pack the house for these few days.
He even packed my mum's make up table.
Thus i've to start searching everywhere for my tools and my lotions and my perfume and my ..........

Hectic day.
Slept late. woke up late.
Went to SMU for some info gathering.
Gonna get a booth at the bazaar this month 27th to 29th.

Will i survive this ordeal?

Thanks nel anyway.
Thou u keep wanting to delete my msges~
Thanks for the ride .. to and fro~ bugis .. home.. thomson.. home~
free labour for me eh~ hehe

anabelle chua jolyn is asking me out~
drinks ~
get wasted.
today's emily's day
yes. chillz we shall be.

dad says chocolate ran out today.
smacked his butt for that.
i can go on .. days and days talking about my love for him.
told connie about my bestest best friend - chocolate.
he's so *********** cute.
chocz has been sticking arnd , following at me heels whenever i'm home.
i think he hates my dad.
dad also smack him when he pisses in the kitchen instead of the bathroom.
and he pisses again in revenge.
lols. and dad smacks him again.
this cycle goes on and on.
choz never fail to love me a lil more each day.
i love my chocolate.
although he can be irritating sometimes.

ok. out for drinks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White is my new love~

White is my new love~
Recently, many things on my workdesk is white.
And i heart whites alot nowadays.
Even i'm dressed in white.

Let me update you some of my white loves.
Went shopping for bras with mummy some days back.
my fave lingerie shop~
bought stuff and got the member card at a low low price.
Damn worth it~

Same day when i went shopping with mummy.
I traded my almost spoilt black ugly old iPhone 3g for the new white 3Gs.

My currently favies of all ~
After a long long long long wait,
i finally gotten my new WHITE Apple after my RED Ferrari died on me~

Have been mad happy playing arnd with my new toys.
Due to events after events, I've been really busy.
And havent got time to bling my stuff.

Nevertheless, I managed to squeeze out 10 mins or so to bling my new heels from Charles & Keith.
Which was on the day YF held his customary wedding~
Chinese dinner lar~

And guess what ~ i caught 3 girls drooling at my bling bling heels~
omg ~ so loved.. hehe

Well this post is kinda rush, therefore i shall do an update soon ~
For now~ i'm gonna meet my love to enjoy ice cream~

MAdly happy can~

Julie & Julia

Alrights, other than being a robber, this is what i'll do to get free movie tickets.
I hearts nuffnang lots.
Never-ending free gifts.

let's see~

Maybe i should share a lil about my most disastrous cooking experience.

Once upon a time,

in a far far away land,

Princess Daphne got too bored and had nothing to do.

Alrights, so there was this time. My good friend and I, we went on a grocery shopping spree.
We bought lots of food~ like salmon, steaks, prawns, pancakes, etc..
lots of them.
Finally managed to carry all of them home.
Here's where we start preparing.
First we marinated some of the meat,
then went on to getting flour for the fried prawn and chicken wings.

Here comes the disastrous part,
heated the oil, while throwing the fried items into the oil,
he oil splattered everywhere
somehow, the flour toppled.
whilst trying to get a lid for the frying pot,
we were half sweeping and stepping on the flour.
when we finally found a lid for the pot..
the prawns were a lil overcooked.
so then i took the prawns out and put it in the plate and left the chicken wing to fry a lil longer.
Next we went on to the salmon and the steak.
all our focus was on the salmon and the steak.
Then we realise that the floor isn't swept yet.

After she finished sweeping the floor,
i was reminded of the wings.
i took out the salmon and steak, then proceed to the wings

TOO LATE, it already kinda over fried.

nvm~ we still have our "medium rare" steak and salmon.
Then to our pancakes.
Took us quite a while to get the pancakes cooked nicely.
well the first few was burnt thou.

In the end, we had over-fried prawns and wings,
under-cooked salmon and steak.
but i still thinks the steak is good..
i love my steaks to be rare~
i'm sucha sucker for steaks .. meat .. i'm a carnivore~
ok .. then comes the pancakes .. some burnt .. most .. nicely done.

Excluding the toppled flour ..
it isn't that disastrous after all, am i right?

~ The END ~

So catch Julie & Julia in cinemas 15 October~

Awww give me those tickets~~
i'm a sucker for free stuff too :x lols

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Post !

Waves to everyone~

alright just before i start my story telling about my fantastic life these few days,
just let me change to my contact lenses first~