Thursday, December 31, 2009

Miss Lin is Chio Bu

The topic says it all !

Miss Lin is chio bu !
Jay Chou is still as nonsense as ever.

Guessed it?

I watched Treasure Hunter today.
Wasn't too bad.. But no comments.

all i can say was Bodyguards & Assassins was better. me thinks.

mcdonald's supper ~

and i need to blog something today ~ yes today !
teehee ~

someone wants to see some alphabets !

there it is ~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

IPhone Genius

This Christmas ~
Just happen to find out that I'm actually quite a genius in technical works.

23rd. Wednesday.
Went clubbing. Not really clubbing but instead it was a sardine fest~

Left about 2ish.
Was tired and hungry.
Dated ^_^ out for supper.
I sai I wanted bkt. And he said he'll only have soup.
So I said, "fine, you see me eat lor"

By the time we were ordering~
he ordered food for himself also.
But no more you tiao !

And then~ I needed to pee just before heading home.
So I when I'm done,
I turned, my phone and pouch swing,
Suspecting it was the clasp the came loose.
So there I see my phone flying twisting twirling and dived into a pail of water.
Which so happen there's a pail or water lor.

Scooped it up in almost split second.
Too late. It's dying alr.

I looked at it in depair with teary eyes
Then I told ^_^ about it.
He tried drying it while I cry like no tmr.

In the end. My phone was ********** **** ******
But lucky thing I still get to back up all my datas.
Otherwise I prolly would have killed myself. Just joking.

Anyways what a night~

P.S. I can't reveal too much just in case. Hiakhiakhiak.

P.P.S cheaterbug. Bahahaha

Sunday, December 20, 2009

From His Holiness

Sometimes you may be truly wronged and it is right for you to express your grievance instead of letting it fester inside of you. But you should not express it with anger.

Dalai Lama

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Qee Bear Loves Me, yes i know.
For the bearbear tells me so.

My bear is so cute~
Can detach the head to put key chain somemore.
Bought the blue strip with a star in the middle too.

Rush down to Taka Singtel only to find out that exchanges for my iPhone can only be done at Comcentre.

< /sideline > I saw Glenn Seah. tmd. tell me he not free on 19th lor .. and he only wants to come pass me my pressie lor. I'm not gonna that his no as a NO. plus. He made me a lil fluffered. G asked, " woohoo, who gave u that necklace ah?" and i was like .. ^_- hehehehe~ and he caught it. he caught the ball ~ clever ah .. and after that, i gotta rush .. only to find out ..... *youknowwhat*
comcentre lor .. comcentre somemore .. grr
< /end of sideline >

So. tomorrow, if i happen to wake up early, i'll be heading down.
Woah, suddenly came to realize that i've got lots of things to do tomorrow.
Like servicing the phone. Pop by Jkson Sq to collect my pay + inform my collegues about 19th.
And shop around to look for this pretty baby pink Belkin pouch.
Googled and happen to know that they sell this pretty in courts.
But Comcentre used to sell it too.
Why did they stop selling?
Ahh see. i shouldn't have procrastinate so much.
Another 2 weeks and money's rollin' my way.
ok. not exactly ~

Talking about going back to office. reminds me that i'll be working on the 22nd, 23rd and 29th !
must be the recep take off again la~
Alot of off days lor ~
But nvm..
After party must work ..
to cover up the loss..

So am i gonna get drunk on the 19th?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Agnes B. Christmas Qee Bears

I'm gonna get my Qee Bear(S) today ~
But why is the GOLD one always out of stock?

So should the blue striped one or the red one?

but I'm definitely gonna get the black bear.

Time for bath and head down to Agnes B. at Lido soon.
Meeting Jeffery for a drink after that.

01010000.01010011. 01001001 01001101 01001000 01000001 01010000 01010000 01011001

Monday, December 14, 2009

Code Monster

Got a text not too long ago,
someone deciphered my binary code,
according to him, in 5 seconds.

Self-claim genius~ haha.
isn't he cute?

01010000.01010011. 01000111 01000101 01001110 01001001 01010101 01010011 ?

TheSingtelMobileCustomerIsBloodyHell NOTAVAILABLE

When calls are diverted to either voice mailboxes or those unavailable messages,
this "throw away your bloody phone la" feeling comes up.

Why is that?
Why is the phone off?
What was his last sentence this morning?

I heard him say something,
but was too sleepy to be bothered.
hello ~ i slept at .. erm. i forget what's the time.
but anyway i slept late~!
so. i tend to wake up late too~

he called like super early about 10ish.

and he was kinda whispering.
i couldn't make out what he said.
so i told him i'll call him back when i wake.

dang~ phone off. till now.

and i realise something.
i lost the vids of me and my dear Ben & Bear when we were in KL.
*prays hard xiao wei hasn't delete anything*
was intending to upload those hideous vids of us in the hotel room.
mad funny can~

and realise it's gone into .. outerspace....

oh and then one fine day. i come across this binary code conversion.
then i wonder. how would a blog post look like if it's all in binary code.
and that's not all.
i, then also cogitate how much time is needed to decipher the codes.

it's not that i've got nothing to do.
just .. something different you know.
like the previous morse code. with a lil bit of REDhotCHILLIpeppers~

Sign Off,

01010000 01010010 01001001 01001110 01000011 01000101 01010011 01010011
01000100 01000001 01010000 01001000 01001110 01000101

Overkill Dog Collar From LV

And i came across this.


it's so over.

Louis Vuitton Dog Collar
costs SGD$350.

omg ~

Half Full or Half Empty

recommended by connie.
had a long long chat with her.

"So maybe it's true, that I can't live without you."

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pressies is LOVE. He is LOVED.

I'm exhausted.
But left with a lil energy to appreciate the 2 pressies i recieved.
One from him and the other from my beloved brother.


I can't hide my smile.
I can't hide how happy i am whenever i see the necklace.

A Swarovski Pink Heart Crystal with a ribbon of Aurole Boreale round crystals.
very beautiful~
And this is from *himAnd the next from my brother and s-i-l.
When i was opening the wrappers,
was seriously hoping to be a Armani Watch.

So here i gets it.
very gorgeous Gold face watch.

Pressies are love.
Thanks so so so much to my loves.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who remembers?

Nineth is just minutes away.
Anyone remembers?

No one's buying me muffin with candle this year~
I wana make birthday wish.

I wonder who shall be the first to send me wishes.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Change is constant.

i've been procrastinating.
but for the moment i've decided to get my phone change tomorrow,
no particular reason why.
but i just want my phone to look new.

and i want a super bling phone.
hmm . designs designs ~ inspirations~

So close

It's been some days I haven't been updating.
I got my PDL on 3rd Dec.
Was actually contemplating that noon if I should go.

2nd Dec.
Alvin's bday celeb.
Spent a lil while there.
And went off at about 1am plus.
Spent some time with him.
Till morning. I met a friend for breakfast.

Oh and went home soon after.
I stuck my eye on the lappie
Rotted long enuff for the alarm and message to pop.
Time of the month for bill payment and also to get my PDL.
Was actually very lazy and sleepy to even do anything.
But eventually I packed and head out.

And when I came back.
One word to describe, exhausted !!
Slept and almost missed badminton.
But was still in time.

Met up with uncle Jon after badminton
Thomas and Andy was there at Jln Kayu too.
Yes, again we chat till morning until Andy drop the three of us home along the way.
Sleepyhead princess slept till noon.
Called Teddy to make plans for Ricky's birthday party.
Met at about 530 to catch Ninja Assassin~
And did some party necessities shopping at carrefour.
Spent $267 on a btl of wine and two liquor.
Cheese and chips; mixers.

Reached his place about 9.
Had pizza and sushi for dinner.
And. The games and drinking and drama starts thereafter

I'm lazy to describe everything.

Anyways. Morning. We rested at about 6ish7

All were either somehow drunk or dead tired.
And had kfc for breakfast after we woke about 2ish.
Not forgetting I have a fair share of cheese just before kfc.
So sextified.

Homed at late noon.
Caught some sleep till late at night.
Just in time to meet the Rover supporter for the Blackburn vs Liverpool match.
Ordered macs.
Left about 4ish for some chit chat session with Jeff.
He drive to Mt Faber and had a long long chat.
Caught someone in the car next to us hankypankying.
Left about 7ish, and he drove me back home.
So here I am blogging about my storybook life ~

So much for now. Time for bed.

P.S. I had a fantastic morning; and "YYY"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If feels exceptionally refreshing.
Just like a new start

Other than him, I'm my only reader.

Ok Nuff~

Oh tonight. I'm going for Alvin's birthday party.
At this shenton way.
Arghh. I'm repeating myself~

Oh and I'm meeting someone after the party~

An I'm late for my dinner date !!

I need to go~~~

Invisible? or Impossible?

Can you see me?
feeling invisible recently.
but M msg me last night.

haven't been waking up to a happy feeling for a long long time.
but i did today.

something to look forward to ...tonight .
and it's also alvin's birthday party tonight at shenton..
Nel isn't going.
how can he not go.
don't he know that there isn't fun without him?
and i'm meeting uncle jon tonight ..
meeting up for ckt at my place ..
it's been a long time we've had ckt together.
miss him so much too~
apart from his bragging . haha

you're still in my heart~

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Finally I'VE MOVED.
Finally no more gossipers.

Finally i can write what i want.

Finally a breath of fresh air.

and it certainly feels good.
humans are just a bunch of selfish creatures.
yes, indeed we are.

Just look at the political office life.
i came across this situation just today.
As what we usually called it - cover backside.

i wouldn't wish to talk about my work thou.

nonetheless, i've invited some of my colleagues to my birthday party on the 19th.

and, yes. i'm holding my birthday celebration at - the usual DBL O
you know the drink drunk drama kinda thing.
i wonder who will turn up.
i wouldnt mind drinking alone too.

oh and neverland is not confirm on friday.
Due to Nel's work schedule.
Was actually looking forward to it.

But M's off on that day.
Double boos.

oh M's flirting with me .. dang~
i don't deny he's cute but. erm .. no.. not him ..

i love having people who wants to cuddle me.
and i love people who dotes on me.
i love people who make me smile.

P.S. I'm cute ~ haha

Grouchy Tuesday morning

Good morning everyone.

i've slept for 2 hours and now i'm awake.

Bathed and still feeling sleepy.
i dreads waking up early ..

no furball, i'm not drinking redbull.
i know i'll nosebleed when i drink that.

today's gonna be a half day work.
thank God it's in the morning.
and i'm coming home to sleep after that.

most importantly.
i'm gonna sleep in for half an hour first before making breakfast..

P.S. i've had a great dream in that 2 hours.


ok .. am i like being mean?
i don't think so...
erm .. anyways. not bothered.

today. let's talk about today, bloggie.
i'm tired but happy.
went to jb to buy some stuff for mummy.

and to bugis.
running my usual errands every end of the month.
paid the bills.
i also wondered how can the bill choke up to such an amount.
ahh.. then i think about the lingerie.
and I understood.

and i met up with my dearest weiwei and si xi.
oh and i finally saw the camera that my friend and i bought for her.
it's red. but not as chio as my sony red.
anyways .. she's happy with it .. and i'm very willing to help her bling her camera .. hehe

chatted and had dinner tgt.
oh .. and earlier when i head out,
i got on this cab .. and the uncle says:" wah. xiao mei, you are my lucky customer today"
cause the cab in front of him was vacant and i was posting some mails.
and when i flag for cab, i've already missed the one in front.

haha. and we chatted all the way to jurong.
to pick up my passport from nel.

and we're going to neverland .. later this week..
so happy .. and i'm gonna see my fave bouncer there.

he text-ed me last night too ..
today's a good day, so was yesterday.

supper with my 2 babys.
i'm sorry that Ben is flying to bangkok soon .. like 3rd or 4th.
And that bear. ahh.. don't have to say much about him.
They are my love !

I'm Princess and You are erm .. what's that.. ahh .. A Commoner

hoho. i'm back from dinner with weiwei and si xi.
got a surprise on my tagboard.

well, let me tell you.
i deleted your comments because.

1. This is my blog. i call the shots.

2. Whoever you are. i don't like you and i don't care who you are.

3. I delete and keep whatever comments i want. (refer to point 1.)

4. I love myself and I have people out there loving me too.
oh well, perhaps you're just too free and there's no one loving you back.
that's why you are posting ridiculous comments on other people's blog.

1 word for you. Pathetic.

5. You are PATHETIC !


wahahahah ....

omg~ i can't help it if i'm popular.

anyways. i've got something to say.

Are you hideous? like you can't even tell who you are?
oh or you haven't got a name?
Feel so sorry for you.

I'm so glad my parent gave me a beautiful name.

I'm Daphne Teo. And i'm happy to be myself.
Thou i'm a lil emo sometimes.
But there are ups and downs in life.

To summarize. I love what it is now.
ok. and i shall say it again. you are pathetic.

oh and keep coming back. i'll publish more of my pretty face.
so stay tunes.

P.S. i can't wait for that day to come. Dinner !