Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Angel had her fun @ Balaclava

That night. Watched Bangkok Dangerous with kumar.
3.5/5 for that movie. cause i don't like the ending. lols

And head off the Balaclava.
Waited very long for the rest of the guys lor.

suppose to meet at 10pm.
they reach about 11plus.
On the bus, to suntec.
REally la. i really on the bus.
I got ez-link de!
real !
Artistic? Cause' i'm da photographer

he trying to walk out of his dimension, methinks
Edwin - Battie - Kumar
Edwin ...
they trying to look slim hiding behind me.

This is CLASSIC ! Simon in long sleeves !

Ricky ... -.-xx

Barry - men in white

Trying to explore the drink list. Kumar is all ready to pay.
Pssst.. see the wallet !!

Scandalous !

OOohh .Sign membership.

Simon - on the ROCKS.

Edwin: "Dear God, TY for the chip"
"Dear Chip, I'm gonna eat you"

Wah .. this not very scandalous lor.!
Simon 80% alr . i think...

I've been ranting about " PHOTO TIME"
and continue taking photo with all of them.

Tikoh Peh. Dont' keep beo beo my neh neh leh.
They so cute !
I also very cute.. lols
Drunks .. lols
Haha.. FujiApple & Tomato
Loved this photo. I so chio. lols

Simon --

Photo time again. they so co-operative

We tried to wake him up for his Prata.
OOOoops .. haha .. photo time mah.

his request to mosaic

I made all of them "twiss" n take photo

kumar like to camoeflage in my photos.
Drunk Simon twiss
The Prata man also twiss
lols. i think i'm drunk
my scandalous photo. oops.
After Prata, all went back le...
P.S. Ricky. I am never gonna post that scandalous on my blog.