Friday, November 28, 2008

Super sian la. I wan go watch movie la.
Damn broke.
Pls drop me some $$ from the sky.

I want movies !!!!
Stupid chipmunk never reply me.
Humpff.... Roarrs..!!!

MOVIES !!!!!! Tonight !!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm so freaking bored at home !!!
Surprisingly I've been stating home since Sunday.

Hmm still deciding whether I should celebrate my bd at Dbl O or at BQ pubs. Any suggestions?

Haiya. But who is coming? Some very not steady leh.
Shall start planning soon, I guess.

Eh and 1 good news.
I've good a new job or should I say a new biz.
Working with my mum.

It's an idea that suddenly popped out of my brains while chatting with Nicole.

Owing to popular demand, me and my mum will be making Authentic Taiwanese dumplings for sale.
Will update again with photos and pricings.

You people must support support abit can. Haha.
Yup and so, hopefully everything will turn out well la. All the best to me.

Princess Daphne.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogging at Jas's place again.

So tired after a late night KTV session with friends.

Keep feel like sleeping these days.
After waking up in the afternoon, had lunch, and continus to nap again.
What a fabulous lifestyle I have.

Well. hmm. some thoughts of mine:

happy. hmm .. miserable.. nasty. but still over all. quite. erm. happy still.

er. i hope he cares. i hope he is concern.
prolly sometime he does.
i will never know unless he tells me.

speak up people. or i'll never know what you want or how you feel.

Tell me, i'm the one who make you angry;
and also tell me, i'm the one who can make you smile again.

Tell me, i'm the cutest that you have ever seen.
Tell me, i'm your princess.

Tell me, your life would be boring without me.
Tell me that you need me; tell me you'ld - show me you TLC !

And promise to feed me ice cream in bed for the rest of your life .

lols. hmm.. That's all.

Princess Daphne

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Late night outings ..

Have been reaching home almost 7am everyday.
And sleep only when the sun rises..

went to spize that day .. which i couldn't exactly which day was it. oops.
i got some snaps on that day.
Thats how the princess play her sisscors paper stone.

Penned, Princess Daphne

Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, i finally wish and had the chance to do some update on my recent life.
perhaps not really that recent.

hmm .. well .. i hereby gotta OFFICIALLY apologise to those who have been affected by my previous deleted post.

ok .. fine .. so now .. i'm really upset ..
no one remembers about me :(
no one even cares about what i feel.

yet no one remembers.
was suppose to celeb on 5th .. but no one free.
and finally decided to postpone to the 19th.

At first all was fine with it.
Everyone tells me they not free.
well, good la .. now some even planning of short holiday trip.

see, that what i meant by no one cares !
I'm so upset.

I've been really excited months ago.
And have been planning it bit by bit.
It's my 20th birthday !!
Why things just don't go my way.

P.S. Give me a big bear hug and show me some concern, will ya?

Princess Daphne