Friday, February 27, 2009

So happy

He's taking me out for movie !
Haven't been watching movie for i think about a month?
yea i guess ... about there.

ohh no .. i watch 2 movies last night ..

Anticipates ... kills the monkey !!
wait wait wait.

At a certain point of life, we all need to grow up and change.
"you should grow up, and learn to face the things ahead" said by some @#$@!#

My angel

Almost lost my angel last night. Search frantically for it. But lucky. Thanks to shirley's help. I found it back. It meant so much to me. I cannot lose it. Was so relieved when I got it back.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I want to turn back time and freeze it

I miss that time of my life.
I miss the both of them.
And I want them back.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I really don't want to miss that Benjamin Button movie ..

Take me out for movie. Take me out for dinner.

my mind and heart needs to take a break.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Thank you for being with me over a period of a year.
Listening to all my happies, complains, upsets and screamings.

You are a good blog.
Rest in Peace.
The blog just had a peaceful death.
Stop stalking my blog.
No more updates will be shown anymore.
So stop reading.
See the red cross on the top right corner.
Please click once.
And pooffffffff ... There goes my dead blog.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Saw Nicole and the bf today.

Somethings cannot be compared and I know that.
Something I want but cannot have.

I'm actually quite happy today.
Get to work out.
Stopped thinking about fam stuffs.

Then dinner with teddy.
As usual, even more happies.

I feel so relax.
Didn't had to think about what's happening around.
Just wana stay outside.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm looking forward to dinner tomorrow.

A new day.
Hope I learn something new.

Anticipating !!


Wondered why I hated walking so much last time.
I took a long long walk today.
So stress. So many things on my mind.
So many.

Haven't been blogging for quite some time.
Not a proper post.
It's not the time that I don't have.
I need a run.
A run-away from my problems.

Anyways I've gotten my VS bags.
It's beautiful and I loved it.
Especially my pink wristlet.

Xiao Wei loves hers too.
That's the second affair that put smile on my face.

The first one? - Died off.
Maybe God has a better deal for me. Who knows.
We shall see tmr.

Anticipating for tmr's gym session.
With my faves - Ben n Bear.
Will be showing off my VS black bag.

Anticipating my first Fly Wheel session - soon. Hopefully

This is one of the goal I'm confident in reaching this year.

Monday, February 16, 2009

he: ...... blah blah .. got alot of people carry teddy bear and flowers in orchard road.... blah blah...

me: yea i guess. but i also have. some more mine lagi better. mine can talk. can play. and can bring out everyday. hehe *hugs him*

he: *diao* *faint* *roll-eye*

me: giggle. lols.

while on the train to vivocity.
the blah blah part, i can't remember.

Written on everything remembered by the Goldie.

Friday, February 13, 2009


feel so hurt . so painful
I hearts teddy lots.

Ignorance is bliss.
I feel like a little girl last night.
A silly one; I know.

I know I'm safe in your arms.

I'll learn to grow up.
But please be there for me when I'm helpless.
You'll shield me from the cruel world.
I believe.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Excessive Happyness

How long have I not said this words.

I think it's long enuff for a ka-chua to die under my foot.
Which means very long la ..
Anyways. I'm really happy today.
That why i'm still blogging at this hour to express my happyness.
But, fine, i know i'm bhb.
But, but, but ... i was forced to ask that qn !
And teddy is sick !
Concussed the whole day leh.
Good for him. At least should have ample rest by tmr.
He should stop working like this.
Sleeping soon ....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Read the past few hundred msg you send.

Wondering why things turn out like this.

What are you thinking?

Round and Round the garden .... like a Teddy bear ...

my msn masterpiece of teddies.
very cute right !!

Made with Love

I wants to do scrapbooking.
But it's so costly.

Gotta slowly do bit by bit.
Maybe can only spend like about 50 per month on this.
Arghh ..

Was offered a 4 month contract job at BOSCH.
but is being paid for about 1.3 only.

But mum wants me to study this year.
What course should i take?

Today. Yesterday...

Supper today is like only Rach, Barry n me ..zzz
Teddy concussed liao.
Tried calling him a million times.
He just couldnt wake up.
But anyways, hopes he could have ample rest tonight.

ohh and. finally found a perfect name.
Teddy Bear. Puuurrfect ...
Reminds me of all the little big bears i used to have when i was younger.
Hmm .. each of them have names .. and i will always hug them to sleep.
They used to be almost my size when i hug them to sleepwhen i'm like 3-5yrs old.
how i miss them i have a big one.. about 2/3 my size ..
but thats too big a teddy to put arnd my bed. So marmie keeps it out of reach. :(

Went back to school today.
Not much old friends. Not too happening either.
But tried to pick up Roulette again.
AND and and OH MY TIAN AHH .. i forget how to count and do conversion !
Die liao lor .. But nevermind.. I think i quite clever la.
Should be able to get back to my stage in 1-2 days.

But was so pissed off with this guy while dealing.
He thinks he's super pro lor.
Act as if he's the instructor there.
Critisize me.
But i "lun".
If not for this "R" guy there, I would have given him a piece of my mind.

But, anyways. I don't give a damn.

Partially I'm not in my best mood when i reach school is because I feel sleepy again.
Moreover. My shoulders start hurting.

I'm sun burnt ! How rare it is.
And now. My cheeks are red .. my shoulders are red. I have a bikini shape on my neh-neh.
What more is it really hurts!
When i touch it, it hurts.
When i stretches to dress, it hurts.
When i bathe and the water splashes, it hurts.
Even when i lie on the bed, it hurts too.

I only had about 15 mins of sun, w/o sunblock obvious.
but i didn't think that it would be that bad.

Ohmy .. when will it stop hurting.
Tried putting lotsa moisturiser already.
Shall blog again if it works.

Ohh and remember i once said i wanted a greek name.
And some time later,i realise my name, Daphne, was a greek word.

Hmm.. now i want another greek name. Something to carryon after "Daphne".
And i found a greek word, was, Actophillies.
Change the spelling of it, but pronunciation still remain.

Not gonna say what the word mean.

Ohh . i need more things to blog about.
My poor beautiful blog is dying !!

Inspirations ! baby giveit to me ~~

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can I stop thinking about the past?

Wow n congrats who gets gifts on a date.
Something I can only feel.

Had flashback. While on the way home.
Wondering wad I did wrong.
And realise I had regrets.
In many many things.
Manythings done. Many things said.
But I can't be undone.

Where my birthday wish ?
Is it suppose to be a protocol or is it suppose to come true.

Well today is my 2nd job. After working 4 and half days at Electrolux. This time round, I'm at Samsung. Office located at Church Street.
Whoohoo. Online for the whole day. But realize my skin and hair turns very dry in aircon room. Zzz need moisture replenish..!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

i miss you so so so much .
you kept running thru my mind.
how to hide my feelings?
when i pretend, am i fake?

This is the worst time for the year.
V day is coming soon.
Hell for singles.
I want a date too ..

And gotta scorce pressie for Yunnie.
Hmm gotta brainstorm again.
Maybe i'll buy her a sexy lingerie.

Pray hard i don't die so early ya .