Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watched: Wanted with xiao wei at Cathay and we pinic there again.
ask wei to help me ta-bao Carls JR and i brought her home-cooked curry chicken and rice.
and we bought more snacks in, like nachos with cheese and wedges. we wasn't that hungry. just feel like biting something. and I give 7.5/10 for the movie. the first half of it is interesting and so much action. but till the end is like "nah, tts not suppose to end this way"
Anyway, not much comment.Watch it yourself.

Then, meet up with sheena for supper @ serangoon gardens. Called kevin to see if he wants to join us and suprisingly he's at cathay also. but he's watching the Zohan. tt end about 11 plus. So off i go, took the train with wei and alighted at AMK. took a cab into S. Gardens. We start to order and blah blah blah .. kevin came. sat for 15 mins and left. then we billed and went home.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Some updates on the past week.

Bought another Calvin Klein belt. hey, i got it for like 70% discount. was suppose to be $139, but bought it at only$55. cheap right.
Then, on thursday, almost died of boredom; met up with my brother and S-I-L; makan MOS burger at bishan. went to their place, rot for a while; check up some info on Palau island and bro dive me home.
And yey. saturday. was suppose to go cycling with my babys. but ben wanted to go gym and we gave it a missed. Me; craves for japanese food. calls mum and see if she free to go lunch with me. In the end, ate a TCC. hmm, was very full but very creamy also. Ordered to Fennel Mushroom Salmon Soup and eat the Salmon and Prawn linguine. plus a glass of Mango Tea Freeze(my fave). tts too filling. then went paragon shopping. passed by theLawry's and mum say she have the1 for 1 voucher. yey. i get to eat my fave beef steak - another day.
After a day of tired shopping, went home and prepare some stuffs for sunday's pinic at the zoo.(zoo post below)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

yey. Zoo trip today. with me, xiao wei & xw brother.
made lots of home-cooked food for picnic at the zoo.
- my mum cook fried egg w tomato, sotong balls & braised pork meat w bean curd.
- xiao wei cooked some pork balls, and i think is the fish cake thingy but look like bamboo de. and she bring rice for all 3 of us.

suppose to go zoo at about 11 am. but as khatib area keeps drizzling, and blah blah blah .. they have not finish cooking lor. xw n the brother very drag de. reach there till about 1pm. lucky rain stop when we reach mandai.
walked around and start to watch feeding shows. first was the African lions. the only male lion eat till very "si wen" lor. so cute. they had chicken for lunch. actually for most of the shows we missed the first 5 minutes due to our "speed" in walking. er. except of polar bear feeding. hmm .. realise that zoo animals very lazy lor. always hide behind, keep sleeping and sleeping. haa. think they too tired from working part-time in Night Safari. lolx. *its a joke* seldom see those hyper active ones. we watch like 2-3 feeding session, and time for our own feeding session. about 2.40pm. rested at the pavilion by the lake. near where the kangaroos are.
there's this L-shaped bench and there's a table. we sat down took our food out, start to split the rice, and the aunties beside were like - "wah, they cook and bring food here leh ..... hahaha" in hokkien.
so what's wrong with bringing home cook food?
we were trying to picnic in the zoo lor. and we are locals. zoo prices are for chopping tourist. damn ex lar.
"e.g. - a bottle drink, be it coke or 100plus, it cost bloody 3 dollars leh"
oh yah . be brought our own 1.5 litres green tea for just only $1.80. get it..?
Engrossed in enjoying our home-cooked meal.
but forgot to take a picture of it. we got 3 dishes leh. me and xw used to bring lunchboxes for each other some time ago when we were working and during some excercise activities. So, we use forks and spoons. we are PRO .. ahaha.
see, another meal "gao dim" liao.

ok. enough of my saliva.
Photos below.

savouring the chicken; so "si wen"
same species
she keeps pacing up and down
Lazy leopard
big big paws

our ah-sarm

little pony


A peck on the cheeks

Trying to bribe the elephant to lie down.

Feeding time.
Greedy elephant

how show off with live fish in the mouth.

Went back at about to Yishun about 5.30pm. Catch a movie: Don't mess with the Zohan.
Super funny lar and abit RA.but afterall quite nice. Zohan is like a superman. lolx. must watch movie.
and went home about 9.30pm

Thursday, June 19, 2008


i am damn sian. can someone accompany me for ice cream session?
i'm craving for ice cream.... ice cream ....

Friday, June 13, 2008


Day 1 - 2nd June 2008, Sunday

Hey people, i just move my fat ass back to singapore last night. gotta tell long stories about my macau trip le. was damn fun lor. enjoyed ourselves lots. thou theres some unhappiness between "some". but whatever. i'm happy shopping n loads of photos lor.
The well-known shoppiing queens
Me and Jerry on flight.
CasaReal Hotel Casino Macao
we visited WYNN casino on our 1st day right after we check in to the hotel. Stayed in CASAREAL HOTEL; got loads of complains about them lor. knn; their fuck-up service. but the rooms darn chio. i stayed in one of the big big chio chio room. which was renovated. compliments to the air-con which is darn cold. can reach till 5 degrees; power lei.. and the toilet. there a glass door seperating the shower area. and 4 types of shower taps.. 1 for bath tub water .. 2nd for top shower.. 3rd for normal hand-held shower. and last .. it sprays mist lor.. so special.. i'm gonna renovate my toilet like theirs. hahas (day-dreaming)
see the room .. its big lor.
and the toilet .. so chio. didn't really capture its chio-ness

then, we -lotsa people- went for lunch er suppose to be brunch la. but its about i think 2 plus le. and the first meal i took was 滑蛋牛肉饭 + a cup of milk tea. and it cost me about 40 bucks HKD. eh. about S$6 in total. the shop is just down the corner from the hotel. the beef is nice lo. thumbs up!
Our first stop after checking into the hotel, is to visit WYNN's casino. Tell u guys. thats the 1st magnificent casino i've been and .. theres more to come. its huge lor . damn it. their casino tables are mostly computerize already. and the decoration is woots .. don't know how to explain. touring around the casino already take us more that half hour. Dean Wilson is the guy who toured us around is also the GM of the casino. he has beautiful eyes. ok back to the subject. and when we just finish touring around, dean brought us over to the 'Prosperity Tree' known as "吉祥树" in chinese. its magnificent lor.
Loves the red chandelier

saw which year i'm born in?

the digital screen with tribal thingy

its where the tree comes out from
after the screen opens up.

and tree changes colour when it turns..

First the top cover with the chinese zodiac signs will swirl open and there comes out a screen. whilst displaying some digital tribal designs, the prosperity tree will slowly emerge from below. then the screen will open up and a chandelier-like thingy will like move downwards and open up to its fullest, almost touching the highest point of the tree. oh ya, well, before touring the casino, we took a glimpse of the VIP rooms. which i vaguely remember that the minimum betting is 80,000 hkd/mop*
MOP = Pataca = macao money.
100 HKD = 103 MOP and if you pay you taxi fare by HKD, remember to get your change back ask HKD. pls check your change before getting off the taxi. (thou its only a small diff)
ohh. as we were glimpsing the VIP rooms in small small groups of like 4/5 pple. i took a snap of WYNN's Bentley.All their car plate number darn pretty leh .. *wonder if they gotta pay for bidding..?*

**Dreaming**they are here to chauffer me around***
anyway, enought of the tree. after the tree show, we - me, ruting, corie, eric & joanne- plan to go zhuhai for shopping. but in e end, cant go thru china's custom. cause corie didn't apply for visa to enter into china as she's holding m'sia passport. but nvm. we return back to macau and had a sumptuous dinner at "kau-kei" 九记 to be exact. hmm. Ru ting and eric trying to be cheeky when eating oranges. you know those 'not-very-expensive' restaurants give oranges or watermelon as desserts. and i was saying in my broken english, " i don't eat restaurant-served oranges de; all is sour one"; RT and eric was competing who can act better eating oranges and present it as the very sour ones. eric's acting is terrific lor. i give him a thumbs up for that.

blame it on my goldfish memory, i think we went to Sands that night. and we won 2 VIP tix to"Alan Tam" 演唱会. cool right. haix. thou fun but dun think we should have gotton the tix. damn some itchy ass . knn .. i gotta damn complain this lor. so what if he comes from same country as my mum. nb.. its ok if he wans to watch to show la. but nobody says that he can give the other tix to other pple ma. the tix belongs to everyone that scream for it on the Sands night lar. i'm not stingy. just not very happy 'bout how he deal with it. thou its just a tix. he claims that he gives to the little girl that wants to watch. how do we know if he sells it. right. damn lor. so angry with him. Oo. we were sitting at the bar counter and that's their ladies night. we get 1 for 1 till 2 am tt night. and so, we like ordered tons of corona. er like 1 for 1 = hkd $35 = S$6.5.
Went back to hotel about 2 plus and realised that the mama shop beside the hotel has got cheap beer wor. and its my fave heneiken! loves. ** hmm u know those big cans.. think its about 400+ or 500+ ml type. GueSS . how much .
its 10 hkd/mop about S$1.8. Cheap right. In Sg, cost about S$5.5 bah.. about there.
imagine like 2.5 can in macau = 1 can in sg. we played poker, dai dee etc .. and drink till buang. lolx. so we drink till i think about 5++ in the morning ..... think tts all for day 1 ...

DAY 2- 3rd June 2008, Monday

And well, having only about 3 hrs of sleep, naturally i'm becoming a panda .. that morning was frustrating lor. At 1st, say meet 8 or 8.30. something like that .. so me, RT, jerry& PG piah like sai lor. Breakfast eat fast fast. just to rush down to lobby in time. At the end. others are not even down at the lobby yet lor.. waited for like 10-15 min then come down. most still say haven eat. want to go eat breakfast. wad to do - we sat at lobby cafe wait for them la. suppose to be joanne, jerry and me follow boss. boss = Dr.Alan = school headmaster. for conference and the rest. follow Ben for convention. and there are breakfast prepared for those following Ben lor. kns .. in e end. late. nvm la .. then Ray didn't get to eat his breakfast lor. ke lian de. haix. so frustrating. then we sat into the conference. sian till drop leh. the most tiring ones are those that has got tables and chairs on the stage, sitting 3-5 pple. talking among themselves. and after about half hour, they'll turn around and with their angmoh slang, they ask " have you got any questions?" till now, i still can't catch what they have been talking about. i've really tried listening but can't help falling asleep.

OOpss some how i couldnt' remember what had happen next.
ohh .. we join the rest for free lunch at the convention. after lunch, me, joanne and jerry took the venetian shuttle bus to sands, then walk back to the hotel. we took the underpass and i remembered clearly the underpass looks like those malaysia style underpass lor. and the escalator won't move. damn. i hate taking stairs. About 4 plus, jerry called my room and ask if i'm hungry. was a little at tt time but too lazy to go downstairs to find food, and also was searching on the map to see anywhere we could go. so we make our way downstairs to the 东北菜馆. loved the dishes lor. its so hometown dish, missed the brinjour/eggplant. its sliced. but the skin is still attach. stir-fried with chicken slices. damn nice lor. we also had cucumber w pig ear. was delicious. I shift myself back to the hotel after my afternoon tea. and rested for just a while before RT coming blahhbling in .. " hey u nv go out ah" .. lolx.. er .. we like slack ard for a short while, get changed and "nua" over to jerry's room. we like talk cock n all .. blah blah till about time.. reluctantly, we "nua" down the lobby to meet up with lao ban n all.
Whilst waiting for cabb
Took a cabb to Grand Waldo for tour arnd the poker rooms and we hada small small poker tournament among ourselves.

the lights was suppose to be brighter than the photo. lao yah camera cannot make it.
the person gave us like hkd $100 buy in. At first was like damn sian lor. but i "kup" my $$ with my ah pa. but in e end lost hkd$60 each. lolx. not pro ma. ohh .. something i gotta post about; erm, the dealers will take their turn every about half hour. so at first was like girls .. girls .. den came a guy.. alot of nonsense lor. damn funny.. den come a girl.. n next a guy.. he is so cute. he's got the very clean look. abit like mixed-blood. but ask already, he's a macao-rean. haix. so ke-ai. with 浓眉大眼. and ok his name if i'm not wrong is terry bah .. something like tt .. he's got the looks tt you won't forget lor. hmm . to think of it; he looks like one of my old friend - Qi En.
marcus & my ah pa
couldn't take photos in the casino. so didn't snap any.
After returning to our rooms, we continued drinnkingg ...... drink .. srink ... driinkk ...

DAY 3 - 4th June 2008, Tuesday

As usual, we went for conference.i after 1 lesson, i'm half dead le. then went up to exhibition hall. got alot of freebies. and i "pon-ten" the rest of the lessons. this time more pple went back to hotel with us. lolx. i fast fast bathe, get change n piah down to "macao-hk ferry terminal" its actually only15 mins walk from hotel. but lazy la .. so took a cab which cost me about $11 hkd/mop. Actually went over to HK to meet a friend of my mum. took a 1 hr ferry to HK and slept my way through out.

View of Sands from the ferry terminal
took "first ferry" to HK
my first view of Hong Kong

walking around ladies street.

Then took ferry back about 10pm. Reach macao about 11pm. Join Ben to meet his friend who is working in venetian. After supper with them, went to Grand lisboa. Walked arnd. and went back hotel about 3am ++ . Start to drink again. this time i think is at our room..

DAY 4 - 5th June 2008, Wednesday

Tour Grand Lisboa and Macao Polytechnic in the morning and early afternoon. Really lazy to tell u guys the details. its of not much fun either. some group photos..

me and ah pa
i love blings
So after these, me, marcus, ricky, jun hao, ben & wife went venetian. wanted to get some souveniors

Loves the lobby . its GOLD
Ricky & Jun Hao

And of course, behind me is the VENETIAN casino

he's cute. almost knock his head. lolx.
the expensive "yang chun" noodles with beef balls. not nice some more.
After dinner, went back to the hotel to meet up with friends to visit "Ruins of St. Paul"

the XL-s
We also bought our "lao po bing & lao gong bing" from there. the "lao gong bing" very nice leh. Must buy.

DAY 5 - 6th June 2008, Thursday

Went Casino Career Training Centre today. Toured around again. and after that, we went ZhuHai - China border. I'm so excited. we can actually walk there leh. in about 10 mins.. the pathway is shorter than singapore to m'sia. don't even have to take bus or something.

Dunno why this photo, marcus look so blur blur
Went back hotel, drink again...

Finally, the last day, which we spent it in Hong Kong.
Woke up sibei early. Took a cab down to the ferry terminal.but split into 2 groups; some of them took "first ferry" and we took "turbojet". wanted to buy 2 way tix. didn't buy, cause must specify time for return. so we bougt 1 ways tix first. we alighted at the HK Island terminal at "shuang wan" station. which is also the only 24hr ferry terminal to macao. First, we went makan, at this HK cafe. Anyway the food isn't very clean, some of us had stomachache while shopping halfway. During the afternoon time, we shop around the Central area and in the mid of shopping, i went to meet my mum's friend, whom brought me for makan; snacks and shopping. met up with RT & corie later in the night time in ladies street.
Went back to ferry terminal and took the 12mn ferry back .. Due to heavy rain in macao, we waited for the cab and reach hotel only about 1.40am.. We unpacked and packed, bath and continued drinking .. its the last night.. so must finish every thing. damn, think we help the mama shop to clear all her heneiken. lolx..