Monday, September 28, 2009

Chan mali Chan

ok i found YF's perverted version of chan mali chan.

This is chapter one,
the story’s just begun.
This is chapter two,
the girl is beau-ti-ful
This is chapter three
I tie her to a tree.
This is chapter four
I fcuk her to the floor.

Kan Charbo Kan (Fuck girl fuck)
Kan Charbo Kan (Fuck girl fuck)
Kan Charbo Kan (Fuck girl fuck)
Wa eh sioh ti buay tahan. (My dick can’t stand it)

This is chapter five
I fcuk her with a stick / I fuck her tight cheebye
This is chapter six
We do the sixty-nine
This is chapter seven
I fcuk her until Heaven
This is chapter eight
She help me masturbate

(Repeat chorus)

This is chapter nine
I squeeze her two nai-nai. (Breasts)
This is chapter ten
Here’s where the story ends.

Busy Bee

I've been busy this week~
like real busy~

i seriously think that i don't have enough sleep the past few days.
dead tired~
and finally i slept till 2pm today.

The princess is so damn happy for the past few days.

i went for facials and haircut.
Melvin is so darn cute~
excluding his objections to my fringe.

surprise meet up with Benjamin.
my school instructor.
he came to pass me my video cam back.
and we went for coffee.

suppose to have dinner with belle at Hog's so she came over to look for me at TCC.
we left shortly after meeting up belle.
shopped a lil and headed to PS.

Nelson came over to pick us up from PS and went down to Vivocity.
The initial plan was to dine at CHIJMES
but decided to change was because of the jam due to the F1 event.

oh and i'm not at F1 this year ~!
i was glad i made the right choice.
why? you'll find out later.

ok but Hog's at vivo is not open !
grrr~ in the end we went to Marche instead.
For 2 days in a row we had Marche.

Met up with Yf later that night at Nel's office.
The four of us had fun. esp with yf's edited ChanmaliChan.

went over to Al-ameen Bukit Timah had a bite then headed home .

was lovely~

woke up early and got myself a nice place
did some work and start to dress up about 3ish4.
Nel picked me up about 5~
went down to KC road to pick belle up too~

we were lucky not to have miss the solemnization
stayed till about 8ish and went off~
belle and nel came to crash at my room.
belle fixing her lashes and nel fixing himself nicely in front of my lappy.
rot arnd and went out about 9ish.

i plonk myself into a front seat at Harry's
waiting for my teddy to plonk himself next to the seat beside me and awaits for the match to begin.
but that don't seems like the case.
somewhere somehow i spotted this "An Apology"
grahh~ they are not gonna show the match
because it's F1 week.
everything's about F1 !

But Liverpool won a beautiful victory~
6-1 against Hull.
nice one~

anyways. he keeps laffing at my new haircut.
i'm cute lor~
well, i think i like this hair. but there's room for improvement methinks

went back about 12ish after finish the last 20min or so of the Man U match.
Tv a lil.
Slacked a lil.
pretend to work a lil.
And went out to grab some drinks and bites.

went down to barry's arnd 12.30pm
he's down with fever.
i dabao-ed bkt from the famous "Ng Ah Sio BKT"
and wrapped a lappy of a customer from comex.
rested a lil. and went home after that.
suppose to bathe and transfer some stuffs from my portable hard disk to my lappy.
thinking that i'll have to wait about 10-15 mins for the stuffs to load,
might as well i close my eyes for a lil while.
and i actually fell asleep.
till barry called me about 6ish~
i was like oh shit ~ i fell asleep.
but i was freaking tired lar~
chop chop pack up and head down to his place for F1 screening event.
nelson's there already
called for pizza while on my way there.
bought some drinks from my place.
oh and i wore my new babydoll top.
so cute.

simon says i look diff~
kumar yaked "why are you wearing your nightie?"

but we all had fun there~
disbanded about 12~~
barry was looking too sick ~
we didnt want to disturb him further too~

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tough job

After a session of retail therapy.
I was so fascinated with the new toys I bought.
Thus in result of getting insomnia~

And today. I'm having my facials at 12 noon.
Supposedly I'm should be repairing my camera and settle some bank stuff in the morning~
I mean yes I hear the alarm ringing.
It rang 3 times.
I switch it off with a smack of the hand.
And I continued sleeping.

Realizing I've overslept,
I jump out of bed.
I don't mean literally jump out la~
Wash up and head out.

I feel the need to blog about it and I'm blogging now.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Love sick~

It's gonna be the best week of the year.
I can't be down with bugs now.

Mum left for PH this morning

救命啊~ 亏我昨晚还去吃炸的

It's the only time I can ask for abalone porridge
And mum's not arnd.
All I can do is roll arnd the bed.
Boooooooooooosss :(

Felt so dead when I woke up about an hr plus ago.
Even text the wrong guy. Tsk.
DiZzy lar dey~
feeling a lil better, still can type~ at least.
But I can't meet Barry today.
Don't wana pass flu bug to them.
Didn't our gahment teach us to be responsible.
See I'm guai kia~
got any gahment reward or something anot har?

Anyway. I said. It's the best week
Cuz I'm finally going for retail therapy
Plus i think I'm gonna fatten myself somehow.
Marche and hogsbreath. Wait for me~~~~

Plus I'm so getting my new toy~
hmm 3 in fact.
I'm gonna get a lappy.
3gS and ice cream pink~
I'm so gonna bling my stuffs.

I love swan brand.

And and and.
I'm buying new dresses and heels
I'm so loving my mum.
I've got my plans all mapped out.

You know what, usually I read thru my post before clicking on publish.
And I realize that the word "I" and "and" comes out many times as the first word of my sentences.

Oh. I'm twitter-ing recently.
Only way of complaining without worries.
But still I kept many stuffs in me.
Why are we here?!

Oh and my bitches are going shopping with me.
Hair surgery scheduled on Wednesday and contemplating between Friday or Saturday.

Now i remember why Twitter.
Cuz I learn new words there.
Yeap~ like tchotchke~ it means trinket or knick-knacks.
My angmoh ah sibei jialat leh.

Ok. I like Twitter now.

Let's see. My plans for the week.


Pay bills.
Visit bank.


Pay bills
Hair Surgery


Pay bills


Pay bills
Aunt shirley's shop
Hogs dinner


Pay bills
Solemnization party
Drinking party?


Pay bills
Barry's place
F1 Race + pizza and party

See I'm paying bills everyday of the week.
Isn't it fun.
Who gets to pay bills for the entire week.
Alrights. I'm gonna get some rest now~

I want to go Phuket !!
Anticipating for so long alr.
And Philippines. Need to cfm air tix soon.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Another few inches to E. Happyness

I'm still awake at this time.
Rare isn't it.

I can't sleep.
I seemed to be pretty much awake.
Is it excessive happyness?

I've talked to Teddy on the phone for about an hr.
I cried I laff.
I blamed him(which I don't mean it)
I cursed him(which I don't mean it too)

But I've tried telling him my point of view.
Just feeling a lil wronged.

And that Ivan.
Throw temper at me.
No one throws temper at me.
I'm da princess.
And he's really got guts to go ask Teddy about me.
Phaaawww. Bth. Hilarious too.
Can't deny it was entertaining.

Anyway. I'll just let it go.
Let bygones be bygones.
I can't be bothered. Learned it from nelnel.

It's always the case of communication breakdowns.

I think I'm really happyily anticipating.
I can't sleep.
It's been too long to rmb when was the last time I'm happy till I had insomnia.

I'm nice. I'm easy going.
Just don't climb over me.
I can be very good to you.
Some pple just tend to take advantages

Ok. I really can't sleep
I'm so looking forward to movies.
It's been a long time since I last had movies.

Omg. I'm so cute.
Haha. Yesh. I'm bhb.
But I just wana say I'm cute

Mum's gonna fly again on Monday.
No one's gonna bother abt me anymore
No one's gonna grocery shop w me and cook me good food.
But I was hoping I could actually see mum soon in PH.
I'm actually sooooo going to PH.

Oh and. Sweetie. How bout PHu***??
do we get to go too?????
Pretty please~~~

And dad. Stop brewing me ginseng stuffs.
I don't like brewed ginseng.
Bird nest would be fine.

ii needa seriously get some sleep now.
Don't wana doze off in the moobies.
Did I say I'm going for moobies?
So happy.
I hearts you so much.

Forced snoozeee

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can't wait~
another 2 weeks.

Can I just sleep throughout that 2 weeks?
Omg. I just hope that I get lotsa calls this week for the wrap.
Prays hard.

I need to talk to "father" soon.
I'll try to do a post soon.
With my masterpieces.

Now all I need is sleep.

Dad has been brewing ginseng n birdnest soup for me~
Ok i'm feeling sleepy alr~

Shall update soon

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Road trip 5/9/09

We set off at 5am.
Head in to KL when the sky is still dark.
Stocked up some drinks and tidbits at the first petrol station after the msia custom.
And we're off~

He drove at avg about 130-160.
It was damn shiok.
And kept crapping about red plates.
So funny.
It's beautiful to see dawn setting in,
In th midst of our "chicken killing 'in car' ktv session"
I started to get a lil sleepy when we're almost there.
But gotta start looking out for roads.

With the gps we figured our way to KLCC.
Got ourselves burger king as our first breakfast.
Shared a meal. And the drinks sucks.
Sat outside this place which was pretty noisy with the cars horning.
He surprised me with photo taking of twin towers and telling me it's is first time there.
Should have brought him to the fountain area.

But as we were walking over.
His friend called. - Mr E.
So instead we went back to the carpark

Argh got our tickets stuck in the stupid payment machine.

Anyways after getting outta, we followed Mr E's car to get his "wings".
Then to this garage 1min drive down the road.

Left the wings and his "poison" with them to fix.
It's makan time again. Lols.
The old school styled eatery where there's 1 small stall and the rest are seating area.
Initially Mr E suggested frog noodles.
Ewwwk~ oops:x

Mr N and I chose pork kway tiao instead.
It wasn't too fantastic.
But I was lucky that bowl didn't give me runs.
I would have died if it did.
Why? Because we're in freaking msia.
There's no such thing as clean toilets there.

According to Mr N, I have my butts made of gold. :x
His, made if silver. (Puke)~

Chatted a lil between the guys and went back to the garage.
Tah-Dah. He's jumping with joy.
It's done.
But we rotted arnd for much longer.
Mr E is also fixing his car brakes or something I don't know.
But whatever.

Till about noon, we start heading back.
And all the while I thought we are gg up into the clouds.
Boooooosss:( we ain't gg anywhere except back south.

Drove back slowly.
Must be the sun that's causeing us to feel tired.
Plus ddnt hv lots of sleep the day before.
Stopped the first time to get rest.
Bought 2 small packets of guava an jumbu.
Plus a can of "gives you wings"

Next, lunch at A&W.
Awwww so fufilling~ so nice~

And off we go again.

The last stop on the highway.
To the gents and ladies.

Finally when we reached JB,
He went to run some errands,
Get some stuffs.

The last stop of our whole road trip.
The most important of all.
A CAR wash~
it pretty disgusting to find dead flyfly bodies,
and splattered blood on the car body.
There's alr lots of them when we reached KL.

Back at Singapore about 6-7pm.
Dinner at yishun
Then home sweet home.

Tah-dah~ it the end of our whole road trip.
Hopefully it's genting the next time round.
It is it again.
So near yet so far.
Cannot means cannot.
But I think I'm decieving myself by saying no.
It'll get over soon.

I think it's better that I stay away.

Afterall, who doesn't wants this.
Who doesn't yearn for it.

I want it too.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So much

I'm popping by barry's place tmr.
To help a lil here and there.

Plus I'm excited to see the pippin hot designs from the oven.
Alright. I'm gonna do a blog post about it tmr.
Shall gets the designs first.

Chatted with mum just about the wraps.
She gave me couple of ideas.
But there's still room for improvement.

I'm actually pretty worried about the sales for wraps.
Prays really hard that sales will be good.

Shall go promote to my friends alr.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pretty upset with what happened.
Slight fever last night.
Oh well. No one bothers anyway.

Stayed home today.
But went to meet Long to pass him stuffs.
shopped for some fruits and milk before heading home from HG mall.

Went to Harvey Norman.
Saw a couple of electronic that I might be getting for my new place.
Gonna do some research.
Hopefully I can find lower prices.

Can I still look forward to going Ph****?